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The Upgrades You Can Expect with the NewAge Garage Cabinets Pro Series

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If you have done some research into garage cabinets, there is one brand you will have already seen. We are talking about NewAge. When it comes to metal garage cabinets, this is the brand that everybody wants, and you might also decide that they are the best option for you. From having modern styles to offering a variety of storage designs, NewAge is a safe and enjoyable brand to select for organization.

One decision you will have to make is choosing the NewAge Bold Series or Pro Series. Generally, the Pro Series is classed as the more premium option, and it offers a range of upgrades. Let’s take a look at what they are so that you can learn more about the Pro Series of garage cabinets.

It holds Up to 1000 lbs 

If you are planning to storage many heavy items in your garage, you are going to need storage solutions that can handle this type of weight. After all, you do not want to break your new cabinets and be left with cracks or other damage. 

Thankfully, this is something that can happen with NewAge Pro Series and the storage sets offered. The Pro Series is designed to hold up to 1000 lbs in weight, which means that you do not have to worry about the items you are storing. You know that they are constructed from strong and sturdy materials that will not be affect easily by heavy and large items.

Offers More Storage Capacity

Do you need a lot of storage space in your garage? Whether you are storing old family belongings or you have a big workshop with many tools, you need to select the right cabinets that will allow organization. This means paying attention to the storage capacity they offer very carefully. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on garage cabinets to realize they cannot hold all of your possessions.  

With NewAge Pro Series garage cabinets, you can know that they have a bigger storage capacity than the Bold Series. What’s more, there are different sets you can choose from, which can include wall and base cabinets, drawers, lockers and worktops. So, there is a variety of ways to store your belongings. Check out to order to view what NewAge Pro Series offers there are from Garage Giant. You can select the set that works best for your needs and the size of garage.

Allows Organization with Tool Drawer Liners and Dividers

We all know that things can get out of hand quickly when it comes to storage. For example, it is tempting to chuck everything into cabinets and drawers and deal with the mess later. But, you want to make sure you break this habit from the beginning. When you have organization, you can find items quickly, and you can be happy with your storage. 

The good thing about the NewAge Pro Series is that you can have organization from the beginning. This range comes with tool drawer liners and dividers. This encourages you to arrange your tools and items the way you want them. Then, when you want to work on a vehicle or project later on, you will know where to find everything from your wrenches or screwdrivers; you can access them straight away.

Includes Soft-Close Hardware

There is no doubt that you are going to be spending a lot of money on garage storage. This is particularly true if you are searching for many cabinets and have a large space. Indeed, the NewAge Pro Series does cost more than the Bold Series too. You want to ensure that you are buying cabinets that are going to last a long time.

As we have already discussed, the cabinets are made from very durable materials. So, this is not something you have to worry about. But, something you have to watch with every piece of furniture you buy is how you use it. Namely, when it comes to cabinets, slamming the doors every day can cause wear and tear. 

The good news about the NewAge Pro Series is that it includes soft-close hardware. This means that the doors are more durable, and it avoids the slamming action we are talking about. As a result, the cabinets you have are more likely to last longer without enduring wear and tear.

Double-Walled Doors for Security

What type of items do you want to store in NewAge Pro Series cabinets? Typically, people say that the garage is one of the least secure places in the home. Namely, it is vulnerable to break-ins. So, you might be wary of storing items of any value in your garage. 

But, know that there are plenty of ways you can secure your garage. One of them is being careful with the cabinets you buy. This is where the NewAge Pro Series comes in. These include cabinets and lockers that have double-walled doors. This improves security and makes it harder for anybody to break into them. Of course, they are lockable too.