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Why You Should Offer Employee Perks

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Most employers concentrate on providing an attractive salary when it comes to advertising a new position. They believe that they can attract the best talent through money alone. There is no doubt that a good salary is something that people are looking for when they are checking for job openings. But, this is not the only thing they are considering.

Yes, the details of the job are important. We are talking about the responsibilities and duties, as well as the location and flexible working hours. But, something else people want is employee perks at work. They want to feel like their employer is giving them a good experience and bonuses for their hard work. So, should your company be offering employee perks? The answer is probably yes. Let’s take a look at why.

Types of Employee Perks

There are many different types of employee perks out there. Some are more appealing than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones companies offer to their employees.

Private Health Insurance

Having access to private healthcare is a huge benefit that people like to have. Indeed, when businesses are offering a policy for their staff, it can be enticing. There is corporate health insurance for employers, and it can be a way to finance excellent healthcare for staff. You can look after their health and well-being, which will be greatly appreciated. This is one of the most popular and much-loved perks at the moment, as NHS waiting times continue to grow longer.

Gym Membership

There are many people that like to keep fit. This is particularly true if they are sitting at an office all day. Well, this is something that you can encourage when you have a business. For example, you can provide a gym membership for your staff. This allows them to enjoy the facilities whenever they want. Indeed, this is a popular perk that many young adults like.

Food Discounts

There are many companies that offer discounted food offers to their employees. This means that they are about to get substantial amounts of money off their lunches during the working day. In some cases, there are businesses that provide all the food for their employees in the office. This can come at no cost to the employee and is something that you can think about providing.

Flexible Working Hours

People work better at different times. You will have employees that do their best work early in the morning. Then, there will be others that perform better at lunchtime. Either way, when you offer flexible working hours, people can make up their own minds. They can work to a schedule that allows them to perform well at their tasks.

Why Employee Perks are Important

Many employers think employee perks are not a big deal. In fact, some companies offer none at all to their team, and this can be a negative effect in the short term and long term. Let’s take a closer look at why perks are so important in today’s working world.

Attract Top Talent

Does your company do a lot of headhunting? This can be a great way to find top talent and add them to your team. But, most employers know that this is not an easy process. Indeed, you have to ensure your company is appealing to them. After all, they can already have a secure job somewhere else.

Did you know that 60 per cent of people said that perks are a huge factor when they are weighing up a job offer? If you want to make sure you are attracting top talent, you have to make your offer appealing. Indeed, this can mean offering a variety of interesting perks.

Stand Out from Others

The hiring process can mean interviewing several candidates. But, in a lot of cases, those candidates will have other job opportunities too. They can have more than one interview, and you can find that you have competition for the best employees. To make sure that they join your team, you have to show how you are better than the competition.

One way you can stand out is by offering employee perks. Yes, a nice salary can be good. But, perks can really get people on board with your company and make your office more appealing to join.

It Can Save Money

Some employers are surprised to hear that employee perks can save money. Indeed, this can be the case. If you do not have perks on offer, you are going to have to attract top talent with huge salaries. This can cost your company a lot of money each year, and you can be paying more than you want to for your team.

With perks, you can offer them a variety of cool and helpful things but without offering such a high salary. You can create an attractive package, which is amazing for employees, and it could also save you money at the same time. You can reduce the salary but offer things like private health insurance.

Retains Employees

Perks are not just important for attracting workers. They are also very important for retaining your best employees. If you are offering perks that other companies do not, they will not want to leave and lose them. So, it can be a way to improve retention rates and ensure your company does not suffer from team losses.