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Augmented Reality Influence on Interior Design Area

It is not possible to continue occupying your market niche and satisfy your target audience without constant improvement and development. The emergence of new technologies and their further implementation in your brand’s workflow is super influential in this case. One of the greatest advancements enthusiasts can use is augmented reality (or simply AR).

It is already widely spread in such fields as tourism, healthcare, education, game industry, and its benefits can’t be neglected in interior design too. Although the range of devices that support this format is still limited (you can use iPhones, iPads and Android devices for this). Regardless of some minor technical challenges that you may face, the one truth is for sure — AR is a qualitatively new ability to boost up your content performance.

Interactive Experience

Without a doubt, 2D plans are absolutely informative. But it is always more desirable to get a more vivid impression from the project. This will help you understand whether some particular elements on two-dimensional schemes will satisfy your taste and requirements when the project is finalized in reality. Is it one of the most essential novelties in the field? At the moment, the answer is straightforward — yes.

The Functionality of Augmented Reality

The usage of implementing AR technologies in the home design industry can be implemented in numerous fields. Let’s check what abilities augmented reality brings:

  • A new approach to home design projects — the comparison of simple 2D schemes and virtual AR models will tell you a lot of benefits in favor of the latter option. They allow experts to test in practice which color combinations and material choices are more beneficial for this particular room. Since the results are more vivid, the overall process is simplified too.
  • DIY home renovation — achieving more opportunities to work on the overall interior design style enables beginners to succeed in their project fulfilment without applying to third-party agencies.
  • Education and training — this technology is an excellent contribution to your knowledge and practical experience, so it is widely used for architecture courses.
  • Real estate establishment — if you would like to prepare a functional and beneficial advertising project for your offers, AR will let you impress your clients with remote and virtual tours throughout the apartment/office/house under consideration.
  • Enhanced furniture sales — since AR lets customers see how voluminous versions of furniture and decorations look, it is simpler to understand whether it is matching or not. Besides, this approach will serve for selecting and buying such products and goods online. IKEA and Amazon are pioneers in this case.

Review of a Specialized Tool for Augmented Reality

AR technology is relatively new, so the number of supporting devices and applications isn’t that great nowadays. From this perspective, it is especially important to find a soulmate solution to be able to apply the benefits of this offer to the full extent. One of the greatest samples to give a try to is Live Home 3D.

This application is compatible with many platforms. You are welcome to download and install it not only on devices that directly support AR format but also on Mac and Windows 10 devices. A nice 3D walk in your future home or apartment isn’t the only feature this application can boast of. Here are some other functional capabilities to consider:

  • Multiperspective view — the previously mentioned opportunity to have a walkthrough in your project is scalable. That means you can visit either the entire house scene or a particular location of your choice. The achieved scaling maneuverability allows to see separate design elements as well.
  • Customization and adjustment — Live Home 3D offers a myriad of features to work on interior design, as well as exterior decorations. There are several templates that guide you through the creation of the necessary objects. Besides, you can scale your plan from 1:1 and up to 1:50.
  • Collaboration matters — customers are welcome to join the AR session and simultaneously work on the plan’s improvement.

As you can see, augmented reality reveals a lot of hidden powers. Luckily, Live Home 3D equals your chances to master this technology as professionally as more experienced customers. Here is a useful article on how to view a home model in AR.