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Guide for Beginners: What Typography Trends Are Popular in 2021?

Without a doubt, typography is a powerful tool in the skilled hands of designers. It is not only capable of turning a simple layout into a magnificent picture with several eye-catching details. Depending on which style and format creators prefer, it is possible to provoke particular reactions and emotions among the target recipients. While smooth forms are associated with elegancy and tenderness, an abrupt transition of colors, as well as sharp lines are a signal important data is described below the heading.

Typography is visualized in various fonts, but its divergence isn’t limited by this feature only. Let’s introduce remarkable typography styles to make your content attention-grabbing and appealing. 

Color Fonts

There are customers who would like to stay on the safe side with their typography ideas. If you don’t want to be overly experimental but desire qualitative changes of your text headings, then color fonts will serve your objectives excellently. Nowadays, the distribution of such a format is impressive — you can find them on different websites, books, menus, flyers, and more. Advanced software like Art Text will offer a bunch of ideas to increase the potential of casual fonts and enrich their graphic features.

Handwritten Text

Letting your text shine bright with its calligraphy beauty is a wonderful idea to contribute to how aesthetically gorgeous your text is. The width of lines, their space orientation, level of transparency, color palette — these features will increase the attractiveness of any cursive type font. The trend under consideration will work equally well in print and digital projects, including stationery design samples like invitations or logos.

Small Font Generator

Small font generator, a tool that can come in handy no matter you are a student or even a tech guru. This tool converts your simple looking text into a whole different text which isn’t just unique, eye-catchy but also can be used almost everywhere you want. Now the question arises why you should use it? Well, let us explain in a short example. You are a business owner and want to make your online presence on purpose to generate more leads and sales but you see different techniques that are costly. One good and economical way is to get your hands on social media and this is where a small font generator will help you on regular basis. You can create headlines lines, highlight some words in your posts using our tool that looks attractive and thus you will get more audience and reach.

Watercolor Typography

This typeface includes the benefits of the previous heading formats, allowing you to apply the calligraphic tenderness and attractivity along with brightness and tone richness that are offered by standard color fonts. In today’s epoch, the manual approach of creating beautiful aquarelle lines is transformed into simple clicks with the help of specialized programs for lettering graphics.

Spray Fill

If you desire to make your competitors envy the brilliant graphic quality you offer through your headlines, then this effect by Art Text will come in handy. What it does is the replacement of common letters with objects of our surrounding reality. That means a word will be laid out of elements like Lego pieces, air balloons, flowers, poker playing cards, etc. 

From this perceptive, digital typography achieves a very important goal for any brand and service provider — it contributes to text efficiency and makes it a burning light to pay attention to. For instance, a phrase that is spelled out with people’s favorite meals, such as cute little pizzas, will surely be noticed by foodies.

Retro and Vintage Typography

The history repeats itself, isn’t it? For people, it is important to maintain solid connections between the past and present, so such fonts will do the best job. Instead of being obsolete, these designs are aimed at comforting readers and keeping their interest in the message to the very end. Aging text styles have their special charm.

Text in the Foreground

By displaying text messages over background pictures, enthusiasts can reach a couple of goals at the same time. First of all, this approach lets your creation be visually appealing and eye-catching. Secondly, this beauty is a wonderful way to diversify your content and explain complex notions in a simpler way. One of the most favorite ways of realization is choosing a contrast but matching color scheme between the text and the background image itself.

Neon and Glow

There are many applications that allow creating such effects. If you prefer Art Text, the process will be smooth and hassle-free, since the operation and the overall learning curve are a breeze. As for the neon and glow text, in particular, it will become a welcome guest for posters and video presentations, as well as movie titles.

3D Text

Last but not least important, one of the excellent typography trends to stick to is 3D formats. What is great about it is its versatility, flexibility, and compatibility. Not only is it a nice match to other fonts listed above, but it also can diversify standard designs into a unique visual performance.


Whether your objectives are to prefer simplicity and minimalism over complexity, riskier solutions over dull black-and-white fonts, modern trends in typography will make your work rocking. With the help of professional software like Art Text, creating divergent layouts will be as simple as ABC.