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Avoid These 5 Common Video Editing Mistakes

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Making a video can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to videography or are wanting to experiment with new filming equipment. It is perfectly normal to make mistakes along the way, in but these errors can be corrected with a few simple tweaks in post-production editing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as some of the best, emerging new video editing techniques have stemmed from unintentional filming decisions. 

Here are 5 common video editing mistakes that can be corrected in the post-production process that are time and energy-efficient: 

Common video editing mistakes 

1. Inconsistent audio / poor audio 

There will usually be two to three audio components on your timeline: music, voice, and audio clips. If you don’t require the original clip’s audio, the first thing you can do is turn it off. You can disable this in Camtasia by right-clicking and selecting “separate audio and video,” and then deleting or hiding the audio track. 

New editors’ music tracks frequently overpower their other tracks. Make sure the music blends in with or sits just below your voice talent. Pay special attention to the sound in your final edit. Concentrate solely on your video. Regardless of how amazing your footage is, if it sounds off, it needs to be adjusted.

2. Frame Adjustment 

You’ve put the camera away, sat down, and are watching your video for the first time. That’s when you realise you left too much space in the frame above your subject’s head. Before you start recording, research your subject’s background. Consider how much space surrounds them! 

If you’re just getting started with video editing, these tips will help you avoid common editing mistakes and make your final product look even more polished. You can also learn various Video Presets along with their techniques. 

3. The Jump Cut 

Every video editing method has a time and a place. The jump cut is a tried-and-true method of achieving the goal of editing, which is to compress time. Jump cuts are used to save time and advance the plot. Because newcomers don’t know what other cuts to use, they frequently overuse this style. It’s especially noticeable when you take a single shot and simply cut time out of the same frame, giving the character the appearance of moving into a different position in the same scene. 

Investigate other editing options. As an example, you could set up another camera angle and cut to a different angle in the same scene, or you could provide a transition to make the viewer less jarred. 

4. Transitions that are incomplete 

This video editing error occurs when your transition is longer than the previous clip. An editor will frequently place a transition between two clips, and one of the clips will not be long enough. The previous clip ends and the viewer is briefly shown a black screen in the transition. 

5. Graphics that are inconsistent 

Nobody expects you to be a graphic designer, but make sure your fonts, font colours, and font sizing are consistent throughout your video. The most common mistake newcomers make when adding text and styling their productions is using different fonts, font colours, and colours that distract the viewer from the content. 

Choose a font and stick to it. Use it for lower thirds, title cards, and other purposes throughout your video. Choose a colour scheme and stick to it. Change your creativity where it makes sense.