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Awesome Tips For Vapers To Keep Yourself Sane While Stepping Out For A Holiday Break 

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With the holiday season ringing bells around the corner, there may be many who may be planning to move home for a break. But what if you are a vape lover and are worried about how to vape at home? What if your parents come to know about the same? 

A vaper and his/her vaping habits can hardly part ways and one can easily be enticed to take a vape break. So if you are someone planning to make a move to your hometown, here is a quick guide to staying sane while enjoying your holidays:

Grab your gears early

Holiday seasons mark the starting of gift-sending rituals, shopping, and a lot more. Thus there are high chances that the courier boy may be busy delivering other packages and can result in a delay of your vaping package. 

So choose first weed vaporizer or dabrig and order other vaping stuff in advance to skip any such delays. This way, you will have enough amounts of vaping flavors and other essentials at your disposal before you leave for your hometown rather than going bonkers just to realize that you have not brought your staples along.

Keep an extra battery

Holiday seasons are meant to last for long and may give you enough time to spend with your loved ones. But what if you love to vape and find your vaping device battery to malfunction? It may cause you to run helter and skelter instead of arranging a battery to satisfy your vaping passion. 

Further, it may also cause a few suspicious eyes to turn towards you, doubting your whereabouts. Hence, to save yourself from such a situation, it is always safe to have an extra battery and device in hand to meet such a sudden emergency that can land you in a helpless state.

Follow the protocols while traveling

You may easily feel tempted to take a vape break while traveling your way home, but such a careless habit may lead you to face some immense trouble. Especially if you are boarding a flight or taking public transportation, there may be restrictions on vaping in public. 

Hence you cannot break the rules to satisfy your cravings. On the contrary, if you are driving to your home, then make sure that you open the windows of your car enough to let the vape escape without making your cars a room of vape clouds.

Take into account the guests

You cannot be a selfish lad and take out your vaping kit and vape anytime and anywhere you feel like. You may have guests at home, and thus you should be aware of the people visiting your place. 

Ranging from your grandparents to your uncle and aunts and even small kids, there may be different age-group people surrounding you, and they may behave differently on seeing a vape kit in your hands. 

On the contrary, the smell and fragrance may also tend to irritate them. Therefore, to keep a family drama creeping up with a few aunties and uncles complaining about you, ensure that you sacrifice your vaping when you are surrounded by your family gang.


We hope we have given you enough good tips to keep your minds sound while stepping out for a time-out recess away from your daily schedule. You may like vaping, but the same might not be the case with everyone at home. 

So stay sane, act responsibly, and be geared up with all the essential vaping staples so that you do not have to part ways with your vaping desires while having a gala family time this holiday season.