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How to Teach a Kid to Skateboard – A to Z Guide

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There are many parents nowadays who want to teach their children how to skate. You are one of them? Then you came in right place. Today I am going to describe some basic methods and tips that will be quite helpful for your “how to teach a kid to skateboard” question. 

I always prefer that you should take the initiative of teaching a kid skating after the age of 5. Before 5 years old, their bones are quite delicate and sometimes they can’t withstand the injuries they face. Speaking of injury, kids will fall a couple of times, don’t be afraid rather encourage them that falling is also a part of the learning process.

I won’t prolong the introduction much, but what is the key to success is practice. Make your kids practice regularly for 30 minutes. You will see their improvement gradually. However, let’s analyses how to teach a little kid to skateboard.

How to Teach a Kid How to Skateboard?

This is a full-course guide for parents to teach their lovely kids how to skate. I hope this guide will be helpful and easier to understand for parents. At first, let’s start with what things we need to start skating kids. Those are-

  • Flat Surface
  • Sturdy Helmets 
  • Good elbow and knee pads
  • Comfortable pair of shoes
  • A good quality right skateboard 

Now let’s see the methods or learning-

  1. Right Foot Position 

Place the front foot on the front side of the board and the back foot on the backside. Don’t move them, just stand there and make the foot position comfortable. 

  1. Feel Comfortable 

After placing your foot, make your kid comfortable to stand and bend down. Stand on grass, carpet, or rugs. Start practicing from soft surfaces. 

  1. Stance

It’s important to maintain an athletic stance when they are learning. They have to bend down a little to keep this stance. “This will balance their whole body as well as keep the weight on both feet. They can shift their weight on any foot and move directions or do tricks. Driveway skateboard lessons with you can benefit your kid and teach him the basics so that he doesn’t fall that often.”

  1. Pushing

Now after they are comfortable and got their stance, it’s time to move. Place their front toes on the front bolt and guide their back foot to kick the board to move. Once the board starts to move, tell them to immediately place their back foot-to-back bolt.

At the first time, they may not be succeeded to do this. So, let them try again and again.

  1. Tricks

Here are one fun tricks your kids may love. As your kid is comfortable in moving or pushing now, they can play little tricks now. Tell them to place their back foot on the tail and front foot on front bolts. Then, guide them to transfer their all weight on the back foot so the front side of the board will lift from the ground.

Now they will use their shoulders to move the board towards left or right. This is a very good trick to maneuver their board. 

Some Extra Tips

A couple of things I want to remind the teachers or parents. Those are-

  • Start from the soft ground like grass and flat surface.
  • Choose the right type and sized skateboard. 
  • Hold their little hands while guiding them. 
  • Encourage them to start moving on their own.
  • Check the bolts and screws of the skateboard before each practice. 
  • At last, keep patience for your angels.

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Final Words

I have divided the learning part into 5 steps and explained them one after one. Aside from that, I have also discussed so e tips on the topic “How to teach a kid to skateboard?”

However, always be gentle and take time. Remember practicing is the best suggestion for a kid. Hopefully, you won’t face any problem in teaching skateboard after reading this article.