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WordPress Work Wonders for Small Businesses! 5 Reasons to Prove It

Do you remember the times when even for the small changes in a website, a business owner needed a developer? However, the time has changed now. WordPress for small businesses proves to be a blessing for product owners. With its introduction, content management and site optimization become pretty easy.

Although started as a blogging tool, WordPress is now better known as a Content Management System (CMS). It is widely popular for developing interactive websites. This blog will describe to you the primary reasons why it is suitable for small business owners.

WordPress: What and Why?

Do you know, currently there are over 455 million active WordPress websites worldwide? Moreover, there are around 41.7 million posts published on WordPress every month. These figures show why it is such a preferred and trustable platform for companies belonging to different business sizes.

Developed in May 2003, WordPress is an open-source Content management system written in PHP. Although being an open-source website development tool, it has a plethora of security and customization features. Apart from these, it has a wide variety of plugins and designing tools that can help to enhance the interactivity of the websites. Also, it is easy to learn and use a platform for building websites. It means you do not need to ring the bell of a highly skilled developer to design your business website. You can develop a site yourself if you know about WordPress website designing or go for affordable and expert WordPress programmers for hire.

Well, these are just an outline of the benefits small businesses can have with WordPress. In the next section, you will learn about some of the critical reasons to consider it a better option for your website development.

Five reasons why WordPress is a must for small businesses

WordPress is Free

Yes, you heard it right. As already mentioned, WordPress is an open-source CMS, which means you can download it for free and use it for your website after installing it. As a small business owner, you might be looking to establish your business site with a little upfront cost. For this purpose, WordPress could be a preferred choice for you as it saves both time and money that you can spend on some other business task.

Setting up Your Website is Quick and Simple

WordPress is an efficient website building platform because you do not require to work your fingers to the bone to set up a website using WordPress. It would help if you choose a hosting plan from a hosting provider, such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Cloudways, etc., and select WordPress while creating your account. These hosting providers will do the rest of the work of installing and setting up the profile.

Moreover, if you use a hosting plan from reputed companies, like Flywheel or WP Engine, you do not even have to lift a finger at all. Since their specialization is in WordPress, they will already install, set up, configure, and enhance your account before you finish the signing up process for your plan.

User-friendly Interfaces

One of the best things about WordPress is that it is suitable for both technical and non-technical individuals. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to create web pages, posts, menus, and forms. You can even organize media like images and videos available on the pages with convenience. The user-friendliness of WordPress makes it highly demanding and the best CMS for small businesses around the globe.

Wide Variety of Themes

You know, the first impression is almost impossible to erase. So why not make it awe-worthy when it comes to your website? When users visit your site, the first thing that catches their eye is its design. It can be too expensive for a small business owner to hire a developer just to design your website. However, WordPress can resolve this issue. It contains thousands of pre-designed themes that you can choose from the WordPress theme directory. You can pick and integrate any one of them to create an interactive business website suitable for your brand. WordPress is also known for its ability to collaborate with GitHub, which offers even more awesome themes for your website.

If you have a little more budget to spend, you can also select a design from the premium themes. These themes come with some additional features like visual live customization options, ready-made web templates, and an easily accessible drag and drop page builder.

Plugins and Extensions for Every Feature

The more functional your website is, the more users will like it. There are many WordPress plugins available for free (and some at little cost) that you can use to increase the functionality of your website. Like themes, there are thousands of plugins that you can choose as per the feature you want to add up to your website.

Moreover, there are various free extensions and pre-defined features to optimize your website, keeping SEO perspective in mind. The structures of the website developed using WordPress are already acknowledged by the search engines. You can install these plugins and extensions quickly and optimize your on-set SEO for enhancing the chances of better rankings.

Final Thoughts

From the business perspective, establishing a robust online presence is quite challenging in the present times. It becomes more difficult for small businesses that have a limited budget and resources. In that case, one wants a reliable and affordable solution to tackle this issue.

As discussed, WordPress for small businesses is a boon for product owners, and you can easily understand this from the information provided in this article. It could be the one-stop solution for all your online business needs, and with immense features, implementing it could be advantageous for your business growth.