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Bankroll Management for NFL Betting

One of the most disturbing things that many bettors do nowadays is having no plans whatsoever when it comes to bankroll management. This can be bad because not having any plans or strategy with your bankrolls can lead to financial ruin. It’s a recipe for disaster or, for short, can lead to bankruptcy. 

In fact, many people don’t even have a separate bankroll for their betting career, which means that they directly feed their bankroll from their checking account. This also means that the money they get for sports betting is directly from their primary checking account. That said, you must understand risk and reward.

This is not a sustainable practice. Unless you’re a bettor who only does sports betting every other week, then you should create a separate bankroll for your betting needs. You need to create a defined bankroll for your betting career and learn more about bankroll strategies to keep yourself financially safe. That said, here are some bankroll management strategies that can help you financially.

Separate your checking account from your bankroll

One thing that you can do to avoid bankruptcy is to not intermingle your main checking account to your sports betting bankroll. This means that the money you should be using for sports betting should be from a different account. This can also benefit you mentally because you’ll avoid any temptations to spend the cash from your checking account on betting.

Not only that but if you are planning to buy something else with your money, you won’t be tempted to use the money from your bankroll. Also, losing a bet won’t hurt you that much financially since the loss will only affect your bankroll instead of your main checking account. Take note that segregating your money doesn’t just mean that you are doing it mentally. Creating a separate bank account will immensely help you.

Break your bankroll down into units

One of the biggest problems that bettors face is that they don’t know how much money to put on each bet. Bettors tend to view their bankroll as one big wad of cash, which is one reason why it only lasts for a short time. What you can do, however, is to break it down into smaller units. 

For example, you have $500 in your bankroll. You can divide it into 50 units, this giving you $10 for each unit. Starting from here, you can decide how many units you can wager on each bet, which makes your bankroll last longer.

Now that you broke down your bankroll into smaller units, you need to remember to be conservative in spending them. Most veteran bettors only wager 2-3 units when betting on single games. That means that if they have $500 in their bankroll account, they would have to bet around $20-30. The idea here is to limit how many units you should spend on a bet.

Of course, it’s not wrong to add more than a few units to a single bet, especially if you’ve researched a lot for that game. However, doing this on the regular will give your bankroll tremendous losses in a losing streak. We recommend never putting more than 5% of your bankroll into a single game.

Track your bankroll spendings

If you want to know how well you’re doing lately, you need to track every bet or the cash you bet with regularly. With this information, you’ll be able to strategize how many units you should spend the next time the same event occurs. This will also be pretty much impossible if you didn’t break down your bankroll into smaller units beforehand.

Start small

If you’re just starting and are still deciding how much money you should put in your bankroll, take note that your starting bankroll should not necessarily be big. Most veteran bettors started their bankroll with a little bit of money, ranging from $50-100. Then they built it up more by winning a lot of bets.

Not only that but doing this will limit the risks on your financial status and will also test your profitability in sports betting. In case you fail to build it up and lose your bankroll in the process, you won’t lose as much money since your bankroll is small in size. Let your wins build it up further rather than making it big with your own money. You can also do your research and learn more about NFL betting here.” 

Keep your cool in losing streaks.

When taken over by their frustrations, most people tend to bet more money in losing streaks, which I don’t need to tell you that it’s a bad idea. After all, it’s very tempting to bet more money on a bet because you want to get back the money you lost. However, this will only increase your frustration once you lose again, and the bet will only grow larger and larger. Once you are in a slump, it’s never a bad idea to just ease up a little bit and try another day.


Bankroll strategies are like the fine line between profitability and bankruptcy. Without them, you’ll end up with a dried-up bankroll and will probably tempt you to transfer more money to your bankroll. Also, with bankroll strategies, you can limit the risk on your financial status and manage your profits wisely. 

It’s a big problem nowadays that more and more people are losing money in the fast lane because of the lack of bankroll management, further emphasizing the need to learn bankroll management strategies.