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Benefits of B2B E-Commerce Platforms

Efficiently scaling a business and maximizing profits is next to impossible if the business is not operating in e-commerce. More than 80% of companies with a B2B account recognize the fact that electronic platforms are a direct opportunity to get the most out of wholesale sales.

The digital transformation of a business provides rich opportunities that are available in the online e-commerce space. And today B2B personal account for eCommerce is the best option for creating the main wholesale channel.

What is a B2B Office? Decision Privileges

Intercompany interaction Business-to-Business allows you to use corporate information systems to automate and optimize processes between company departments.

B2B eCommerce is:

  • a wide range of online services;
  • full binding of activities to a commercial goal, but not to consumer privileges;
  • creation of a one-way communication network with a two-way exchange between buyers and sellers;
  • no need to know the product or products in detail;
  • creation of an effective node of intercompany trade with knowledge of the specifics of the market and a particular segment.

It should be noted that during the quarantine period, the development of a B2B personal account is especially important in light of the growing consumer interest in online sales.

Corporate B2B Systems

This is the core for creating this type of online business, which most effectively organizes close interaction between the supplier and the wholesale consumer. Corporate information systems (CIS) allow you to automate:

  • the process of managing personnel and relationships with contractors;
  • production process and inventory management;
  • financial administration;
  • the process of managing relations with the wholesale consumer.

The B2B personal account on the site can become a full-fledged trading platform and perform the functions of the company’s trading and purchasing operations, and, if properly configured, can bring considerable income.

What are B2B Sales?

Unlike B2C, B2B involves the provision of services not to an individual, but to legal entities (enterprises) without a relationship with a retail consumer. In this case, businessmen can build a classic scheme of work – wholesale sales through their dealer network or large orders.

The development of a personal dealer account has a key advantage – the company does not need to look for a retailer, more often an undefined customer, and all efforts are directed to an easier search for a professional wholesaler. If in standard situations the level of income and turnover is directly affected by marketing and advertising tricks, then in B2B personal sales are of great importance.

The dealer’s account has the following privileges:

  • less fierce competition – here more attention is paid to the work of the supplier himself;
  • lack of large investments to start – no need to develop marketing channels, have an office, and hire a large staff of employees;
  • the availability of high-quality insider information to quickly scale the business and increase profitability.

Other Advantages of B2B Cabinet and Own Dealer Network

Working on the online platform for wholesale sales to legal entities provides for the redistribution of job responsibilities through the digitalization of sales processes. For example, well-known electronic B2B platforms that serve more than 600 brands and more than 2 thousand B2B buyers have only 3-4 full-time employees.

Professional development of a personal B2B account allows you to:

  • use ready-made online catalogs and attract customers exponentially;
  • digitize and automate a business without the need for manual data processing;
  • improve integration into other business programs with the identification and rapid elimination of weaknesses in your company’s activities;
  • accept orders 24/7, which will significantly improve the quality of service and increase turnover;
  • get a customer-centric experience through self-service portals and other B2B tools.

The dealer’s account allows you to use software products already created for online trading with the integration of the 1C management accounting base. In addition to speeding up the processing of incoming requests, the company will also receive significant time savings on the purchase of goods and significantly reduce the workload of your managers.


B2B sales is a huge niche that includes many segments (from standard trade to manufacturing). The success of a business depends on a large number of factors: product, demand, age, and size of the company. The competition is consistently high.