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Why are Online Games Based on Bands and Music soPopular?

Is there anything quite as nostalgic as an old song? Few things can take us back in time the way music does. It can also help improve your day and even lower levels of stress and anxiety. Music is truly an art form that spans time and culture, with music created hundreds of years ago still listened to and enjoyed by today’s music lovers. Therefore, does it really come as a surprise that games related to music are so popular? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons games based on bands and music are so beloved.


This can be a double-edged sword, but in general, music brings people back to happy memories. From the song you used to listen to at your grandma’s house to the song that was playing when you had your first kiss, music has the power to elicit memories that have long been buried. 

Many of the online games based on bands and their music today are popular because they remind people of a different time in their lives. They remember the music from when they were younger, and they enjoy playing a game while reliving those memories. Music plays a role in a broad range of game types, from those that are outwardly music-based, like Guitar Hero, to those where music is used to set the atmosphere, like the themed video slots fans of online gambling NJ enjoy. 

Reduced stress

Another reason games connected to music are so popular is the impact they have on your mood and stress levels. There has been quite a bit of research about the way music impacts our brains and the way we interpret the world around us. One such study explored the impact of music versus that of oral medication on anxiety. Music was found to be more effective at lowering stress than the administered medication, so it makes sense that people who are prone to anxiety would be drawn to music-based games that help them relax.

Improved memory recall

This might not come as a complete surprise considering how effective music is at triggering old memories, but music has also been shown in studies to improve cognitive function and memory recall. A study focused on stroke patients and their recoveries found that patients who were told to listen to some form of music every day made significantly better progress than those who did not. The study recorded results at three months and six months post-stroke, and the patients who listened to music were consistently further ahead in their recovery than those who did not. 

Therefore, it is easy to see why games based on music are so popular. Whether the music is contemporary or is tied to old memories, it has been shown to make a tangible, measurable, and consistently positive impact on the people listening to it. This is true regardless of the type of online games you play. In fact, you might even consider putting music on while playing games without a good soundtrack as it could enhance the stress-relieving and relaxing benefits of gaming.

Enjoy the benefits of music-related online games

Are you interested in trying out an online game related to a band or piece of music? As these studies illustrate, playing a music-related game could well have some impressive benefits for your mind and mood!