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Video Production: How to Build Career Skills?

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For anyone wanting to start a career in video production, there are multiple options to kick off. You could start from anywhere. 

You could even choose to follow guides on YouTube and help yourself. 

But, it’s important to know that the industry is competitive. With more companies venturing out into video production, we must know that there are skilled individuals who have picked their niche. 

The education niche is really new, but the trend of video production for education purposes has recently picked up steam. 

And, if you want to stand out from the crowd and hone your niche, there are some foundational skills, you must develop on high priority. 

While skills related to video editing are a matter of handling and using quality equipment, creators and video experts, more often remain unaware of the roadmap to building career skills. 

And, they end up hopeless and in a constant hunt for jobs. But most are unable to find one. 

This guide is dedicated to helping you solve that problem. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Know your industry

Success in any career requires devotion. And, needless to say, in order to achieve meaningful growth, you need to accept the challenges and manage stress. 

Expose yourself to people in the industry and engage with them as businesses in Austin need video. Learn about the jargon in video production and scriptwriting. 

Read books and watch fine documentaries that are made around your craft. Video production is really your true passion, you will have the drive to take action. You won’t shy away from engaging with people. 

Know your goal

The first and most important thing you’d want to do is define your goal with clarity. Where do you want to end up? 

Do you want to shoot videos and show up as an adventurous videographer? If yes, are you comfortable about venturing out into the woods (alone)? Do you want to capture wildlife? 

Or are you interested in agency-level marketing? 

Does the idea of video marketing excite you? Or do you want to work in big-budget movies or manage a side hustle? 

Or are you obsessed with 3D animations? Do you see yourself working with animation production companies in the future? 

Or do you wish to establish your own video production house? Or do you wish to enter documentary shooting?

There can be many different paths. It’s up to you which one you pick. Before you eye growth, you need to be clear on your objectives. Begin with the end in mind. 

Watch more films

Next, video production is all about filling your mind with all the amazing ideas that are out there on the internet as well as in studios. It’s media consumption that you need to pay attention to. Pick the best movies and watch them. 

Take notes. Figure out how the director or writer has been able to elicit a heartwarming response from the audience. Quality writing is amazing storytelling. Pay close attention to the storytelling element. 

And, don’t just limit your media consumption to one particular niche. Be as open as you can when it comes to consuming diverse films and ideas. 

If you’re into animations, watch anime and films as these are said to have a strong emotional impact on the viewer. 

You can even choose to be critical. Figure out what worked for a movie, and what didn’t work. Discover why a certain content or production failed to achieve its intended goal. 

Read books and understand theories

Learning is not just consuming content, but it works best when you interact with instructors and experts, and apply the knowledge you gained from them. 

Next, you need to dive into theoretical knowledge. 

Discover an array of techniques professionals use to produce quality videos. Understand different perspectives, common challenges, content structuring, and much more that goes into video production.

You can even choose to read books on the subject. 

Watch top-rated documentaries, listen to podcasts, and even attend workshops. Your goal must be to explore and expose yourself to a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow. 

Find a mentor

Having a solid mentor means you can progress at a good pace. It’s like having someone by your side who knows the video production niche better than most people. 

For one, it would save you a great deal of time. Your learning curve would be efficient. You’ll get to experiment a lot at an early stage of your career. 

Two, as you would be well aware of the common mistakes, you would be able to avoid these and leverage your growth potential. That would put you ahead of most people in the video industry in no time. 

Now, the question is, how would you do that?

Now there are multiple ways of finding a mentor and learning, but we’ll highlight some important ones. 

Ask around your friends or family members who are working in the video niche. 

Or you can even reach out to people who have inspired you. There are several video producers who want to pass on those golden nuggets, they’re gained from so much trial and error. You could always request them to coach you.

And, if you don’t have any acquaintances in the field, or don’t know about any coaches, it would be best to post on the wall of your social media, or ask questions in groups and threads. 

Seek a qualification

Having a degree or professional certificate in filmmaking or video production can mean a real difference in your career. 

Yes, skills and experience add a ton to your employability, but a relevant degree can make your job search an absolute cinch.

For one, you went to a film-making college and have a solid network. Two, there are placement opportunities. 

You would get to meet and greet top talent from the industry. That’s what qualification can do to help you build the necessary skills. 

Don’t think about the money. But, realize how much does the environment has to offer for your learning. 

Gain work experience

Practice makes perfect. Reach out to employers and video production studios. Showcase your demo videos. And, if you have a portfolio, pitch them along with it. There’s no substitute for a quality experience. 

You don’t have to be a grad to enter the market. You can always tap into the industry when you feel is the right time. Seek out internship opportunities. 

Bottom line

Let’s wrap it up, video production is a skill that is in good demand. While there are lots of YouTube videos around being a video editor and producer, it can often be overwhelming, for most people. 

To help you cut through the noise, above we provided a concise guide, which if followed thoroughly, will help you build the foundational skill for video editing. 

Not only that, the above can be taken as a solid guide to building a fine career in video production. 

Don’t forget, you need to have the passion to venture into video production.


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