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Benefits of Buying Gemstone Jewelry Online 

Diamonds may have once been a girl’s best friend, but there are new kids on the block who are ready to take that spot! Colored gemstones are all the rage these days and for a good reason. Apart from the fact that they have spiritual and healing benefits for the mind and body, they also add an eclectic touch and a pop of color to your ensemble. Colored gemstones are the quickest way to look and feel bougie and they allow you to express your individuality through jewelry.

Angara jewelry offers a whole world of colored gemstone options which you can customize into a design of your liking. You can mark milestones, loves found, loves lost, travels and other memories you want to cherish with jewelry that carries meaning and sentiment. This gives jewelry a whole new purpose, doesn’t it? Today, we talk about the allure and charm of colored gemstones. If you have been eyeing some bling with colored gemstones, we will now make a case for why you should go ahead and buy, nay, invest in it. 

Why Invest in Colored Gemstone Jewelry

The decision to invest in jewelry takes quite a bit of deliberation as you are spending a considerable amount of money on something very small. But like with everything precious, the value only appreciates over time. The price of precious metals and stones is constantly on the rise, so the value of the jewelry will be far more than what you got it for in a few years. This is where the significance of jewelry lies. Sell it or pass it down as an heirloom and it becomes a form of security against a rainy day. 

Investing in colored gemstones has its own advantages. Customized pieces of jewelry have a way of bringing people closer, because of the thought that’s gone into the designing of the piece. Colored gemstone jewelry makes for attractive baubles that are very individualistic and artsy. They give an air of sophistication and help you accessorize whether you want to dress up or dress down. If that has warmed you up to the idea of investing in gemstone jewelry, why not buy it online?

1. Wider Selection

Shopping online is not limited to clothes, books and groceries anymore. High-value items like jewelry are also increasingly being bought online. The biggest advantage of this is that distance becomes redundant. You can shop from other cities, states or even other countries sitting in your pajamas at home. This has opened up the market like never before. Instagram has also become a hub of shopping activity and you can explore accounts of your preferred craftsmen and stores and place orders by messaging them. It is as easy as that.

2. Lower Prices

Shopping online saves you money. This is because when you go to a brick-and-mortar store, you, as a customer, are paying overheads to cover the extra costs the store incurs. Renting a secure storage facility to store inventory, hiring security personnel and salespeople, electricity —where do you think the money for all this comes from? The customer’s pocket, of course! Though online stores list a large inventory on the website, the item is sent into production only after an order has been placed. The cost of having a large virtual inventory versus the cost of having physical stock in-store is negligible, therefore, you will be paying 20-30% less with online shopping for similar goods. 

3. Compare Websites

One of the key benefits of online shopping is that you can compare prices from different websites for similar products. You can check the product specifications like the purity and weight of the metal, the stone weight and gemstone quality with various sellers by keeping their web pages open on different tabs. This helps you to compare easily, and buy the best-quality product within your intended budget. The process of going through the websites and understanding what each seller has to offer will help you make a conscientious purchase rather than an impulsive one. 

4. Online Reviews

The best way to gauge a product and a jewelry store is to read the online reviews and check their ratings. These are reviews written by people who have shopped at the store and will detail their experiences with the retailer. The experiences may be good or bad, but they will give you a clear idea about what to expect. If you spoke to the salespeople at the store or people associated with the jewelry outlet, you may get a biased opinion as their goal will be sales. However, when you read online reviews by customers, there will be actual experiences and hence closer to what you can expect. 

5. Credibility and Authenticity Certificates

All online websites selling jewelry will offer in-depth and precise specifications about the quality of metal and gemstones used in the jewelry product. They will offer proof of authenticity in the form of certificates which will make sure the value of your piece of jewelry is preserved, should you wish to insure it or resell it at a later time. These certificates will carry information about metal purity, metal weight, gemstone quality, gemstone weight in carat, setting, the mark of the jeweler and the mark of the jewelry grading body. 

6. Safety While Shopping

The only virus you need to be cautious about while online shopping is the kind that attacks your computer. With going to crowded malls and shopping centers becoming a less viable option these days, more and more people are opting to shop from the comfort of their couches. Make sure the website of the jeweler you want to shop from has ‘https://’at the beginning of the URL, as this means that the site is securely encrypted and any personal information and card data you may enter there will be secure as well.

7. Quicker Customer Service

Online stores usually are a text or call away and will answer all your queries and provide clarifications on shipping, order tracking, exchanges, returns, resizing, warranty and other issues like customization without you having to step foot outside your door. There are seasonal discounts and offers that are available and speaking to a customer service agent will give you a better idea about what time is best for making a purchase.