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How to Download Vimeo Videos to Watch Completely Offline?

Where do you regularly listen to your favorite songs, watch internet videos, or attend online live concerts? YouTube? Instagram? or Vimeo? Keep reading to know how to download Vimeo videos using Vimeo’s built-in download feature and a powerful third-party downloader.

  • Section 1: Can You Download Vimeo Videos for Free?
  • Section 2: How to Download Vimeo Videos with StreamFab YouTube Downloader?
  • Section 3: Why Choose StreamFab YouTube Downloader?
  • Section 4: Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Section 1: Can You Download Vimeo Videos for Free?

Yes and no, depending on the privacy settings of the uploader. If they have the content set to private, you will be unable to download it. So, what are our options? Continue reading to learn more.

Section 2: How to Download Vimeo Videos with StreamFab YouTube Downloader?

Sadly, most Vimeo videos aren’t available for download. Another option is to utilize a third-party program that allows us to download it. Here’s where StreamFab can help out. In addition, StreamFab is available on both Windows and macOS. So, if you want to get started, why wait any longer? Save a copy right this second! But you’re going to require some sort of instruction, right? Read below for the complete step-by-step guide.

2.1 What Is StreamFab YouTube Downloader?

StreamFab is an all-in-one video download solution that can be used for Windows and macOS, it is also available as a mobile application named StreamFab for Android, and as a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. It is accessible for all of these platforms. The PC versions come with a total of 15 extra modules, some of which are YouTube to MP3 (formerly referred to as Music Downloader), YouTube Video Downloader Pro, and 13 other streaming downloaders.

StreamFab YouTube Downloader as one of the StreamFab modules can be used to download Vimeo videos. Besides Vimeo, this module from StreamFab can also be used to download from more than 1000 video-sharing sites. Downloading videos in MP4 or only the audio of those videos in MP3 format.

2.2 How to Download From Vimeo Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro?

Perhaps you’re curious about the inner workings of this YouTube video downloader and how you might put it to use to get the videos you want offline. Detailed instructions for how to download Vimeo videos using StreamFab can be found below.

Here is a rundown of what you need to do to use StreamFab YouTube Downloader:

  • Download, install and launch StreamFab YouTube Downloader on your PC or mobile device.
  • Copy the link of the Vimeo video that you wish to download.
  • Go to the StreamFab homepage and click “Paste URL” to paste the video link.

  • After a while, the Vimeo video will be playing and StreamFab will show you the download options. Set them to your preference and click the “Download Now” button.
  • Finally, wait until the video is downloaded and enjoy your favorite Vimeo videos offline.

Section 3: Why Choose StreamFab YouTube Downloader?

Here are several reasons why you need to choose StreamFab YouTube Downloader over other third-party downloaders.

  • It supports almost all video-sharing sites available on the internet. With more than 1000 sites supported, you can just use one downloader for all of your downloading needs.
  • It can detect and download the Vimeo videos that you want to download automatically, letting you avoid the hassle of finding and downloading the right video.
  • If the video that you want to download is an M3U8 file, then you can also rely on StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro to download it.
  • It supports batch and playlist download, you can easily download a playlist or multiple Vimeo videos at once. Saving you the time of clicking and saving those videos one by one.
  • You can easily download Vimeo videos in high resolution, up to 8K. The exact resolution that you will be able to download will depend on the original resolution of the video you want to download.

Section 4: Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Yeah, Vimeo also supports the download feature natively. Simply follow this guide to download Vimeo videos using the native feature.

  • Visit a Vimeo video page that you want to download.

  • On the right hand side of your screen, just below the video player and the video title, there is a “Download” button. Click that button to start downloading the video.
  • When prompted with a list of download options, select the video resolution you wish to download.

  • After selecting the resolution for the video download, the Vimeo video file will be downloaded to your computer, where it can be opened immediately.


As a universal music and video downloader, StreamFab YouTube Downloader has your back regardless of the websites you enjoy the content from and want to download its content. 

This downloader from StreamFab is not just a YouTube video downloader, but also a professional downloader for Vimeo content. 

Follow the guide above to know the answer to your question about how to download Vimeo videos to watch entirely offline.