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Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

Holiday gifts for employees, which you can find at The Gift Shop, are an essential part of the business that can help you as an employer and make your employees happy and leave the office with a bigger smile.

You will discover below the best corporate gifts for clients to purchase to your employees, reward them for their hard work, make them feel valued, or even to add these gifts to employee swag kits.

If you’re looking to impress your employees before holidays, to show them appreciation, and make your employer’s satisfaction higher, these gifts for employees’ appreciation at universal gift card balance are a must-know. Make sure to read until the end to discover them all.

Ember Travel Mug² – $179.95

The travel mug from Ember is one of the nicest gifts for employees’ appreciation that you should consider. In fact, it can be used at home, at the office, and on holidays.

While the price is more premium than most travel mugs, it has some noticeable advantages that you should know about. It can reheat your drinks thanks to its smartphone app and keep them hot for three hours. In addition, it has a touchscreen display to make the drinking experience even more unique, only tapping to make your drink hot.

Moreover, its leakproof lid will avoid the drink from spilling while on the go, and this shouldn’t be underrated.

To sum up, if you’re looking for some of the nicest meaningful gifts for employees who love their coffee warm, that’s the right one.

Incase EO Backpack – $179.95

This incredible backpack from Incase is one of the greatest gifts for employees’ appreciation that you can get.

First of all, it is a great holiday gift as employees can take it with them on a long weekend, or as a second piece of luggage. In fact, it is organized, compact, and nicely designed.

Secondly, it was designed to take it to the office with your laptop, notebook, and more.

Moreover, the main compartment extends up to 35% which is great to store more things or for overnight travel. On top of that, it has designated compartments for a mouse, a laptop charger, clothes, toiletries, and a laptop. Whether your employee is going on a holiday or is a remote worker leaving for new horizons, that’s the item for them.

In conclusion, if your employees are planning to go on a long weekend or on vacation abroad, this is definitely some of the meaningful gifts for employees you can get.

Little Belgians Original Gift Box – $21.99

This luxurious and delicious Belgian Speculoos gift box is essential to make holidays sweeter and more enjoyable to employees. No matter the purpose or the destination, this is definitely something that will make the journey more pleasant.

With 32 biscuits inside, the box will be enough to please family members, acquaintances, or even make coffee breaks before holidays nicer. These biscuits are made with cinnamon and nine spices giving an incredibly delicious taste.

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Last but not least, you can add a beautiful silver ribbon for only $1.50 which is a great option if you want to give the wow factor to everyone.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Buffalo Check Throw – $135.00

If there is one nice item that can be a great candidate for the best gifts for employees’ appreciation, it’s certainly this throw blanket from Faribault Woolen Mill.

First of all, it is available in different colors which is always nice to impress your employees. Also, it was made out of 100% Merino virgin wool which is very high quality.

This blanket can be used for employees staying home for holidays, for the ones traveling to colder destinations, or simply to keep warm in cold places.

Other than that, it is machine washable and line dry which is nice to clean it more easily.
To conclude, if you’re looking for some of the nicest expensive gifts for employees to make them feel valued, warm, and cozy, this throw blanket is the one.

Nomad PowerPack Battery with Tile – $119.95

Power banks are some of the most practical and convenient items to take on a holiday trip. In fact, with cell phones being used more and more and their batteries, therefore, decreasing more quickly, this Powerpack from Nomad will definitely help.

It has a 9000 mAh battery capacity and runs with the Tile Bluetooth tracker that will allow you to find it if it gets lots. In addition, it can fast charge your devices with its 3.0A and 2.4A plugs, which is fantastic in case you need more battery urgently.

Moreover, the powerpack is rugged and it won’t break or get damaged when falling off your hands. Whether your employees plan to go hiking or on adventures, it is certainly something to consider for them.

To sum up, whether they love their phone or need an extra backup to remain in contact with friends while abroad, this is some of the personalized gifts for employees that will please them for sure.