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Best IG Growth Service

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If you’re reading this article, no doubt you, too, are looking for a way to grow your Instagram, for potentially a whole host of different reasons. 

Let’s explore the potential reasons you may be looking to achieve Instagram growth:

  • You are trying to pursue a career as an Instagram influencer
  • You are trying to promote a business or service
  • You are a musician or work within the arts industry and are trying to promote your talent
  • You simply want to have more of a presence on social media

The above list is not exhaustive but these tend to be the main reasons people look to grow their Instagram and subsequently are seeking the best IG growth service

Yet, so many of us get caught up with trying to choose the right service for them. The problem is that there are some great, reliable IG growth services out there, but equally there are some that are total scams or bring more bots than anything else. 

Let’s look at the different types of IG growth firstly

Automated Growth Services 

Automated growth services were the original – and only – way of gaining quick growth. Things have obviously changed since then, yet some people do still choose to use such services. Automated IG growth services work by means of bots. We’re sure you’ve all heard of them, but let’s look at these in more detail anyway. Bots are used to quickly (sometimes within minutes) bring growth to your IG account. This became a very popular way of growing your ‘followers’ from 0 to 1000’s within minutes. The downsides of such services are:

  • Growth is not permanent. A couple of weeks max.
  • These accounts will not engage with you at all
  • No targeting options available whatsoever
  • Use of bots can be detected by Instagram and can result in account suspension

So why do people still choose to use these services? Well, primarily because it’s quick and cheap. And there isn’t a guarantee that Instagram will always detect the use of bots. Yet, this is still a potentially dangerous way of growing your IG and don’t forget, this type of growth lasts only a few weeks before the inactive accounts start dropping off of your follow list. Some still choose to take this risk, but when it comes to our recommendation, we strongly advise you to steer clear of such services, despite what they may claim or promise. 

Organic Growth Services 

As the Instagram industry grew, so did the options in terms of growth. As time moved on, Instagram cracked down on the use of bots to gain more followers, and as a result, organic growth services were introduced. First off, yes, organic growth can be both more pricey and take longer to achieve. But it is exactly that, organic. Meaning that every follower you gain from this service will be a real account, a real person, and will engage with your content as they would’ve only been added as they share similar interests to you. This is what (most) organic growth services offer. You’ll also have the option to list the type of user you wish to attract, any hashtags that are relevant, and what you expect from interaction with said users. There are, of course, some that are much better at doing this than others. 

How Can You Determine Which Organic Growth Service To Use?

You’ll be able to find lots of reviews online for each and every organic growth company out there. So it’s best to reserve some time to do some research on this. Bear in mind though that a lot of the reviews you’ll find out there may be paid for or sponsored – in such cases, what is written in the review is not necessarily a representation of the truth. Here at FollowerzBuzz, we review all of the services independently and have absolutely no affiliation with any IG growth service. It’ll reduce your research time from hours or days, to minutes. You’ll be able to access information on the type of growth, how long it’ll take, the prices, and whether or not they are reputable. We also try out each service ourselves to see how they operate. 

So, What’s The Best Option Out There?

After having reviewed all of the options that are available as of today (March 15, 2022), we believe that there are only a few really good options in terms of the best IG growth service. But of course, we had to narrow this down in order to give you a direct answer. It’s for this reason that we have chosen FollowFox, an organic IG growth service that offers a variety of different features when choosing them. 

FollowFox Features

FollowFox will assign two people to your IG growth: an account manager and a growth specialist. The former will go through the type of growth you are looking for, what it is you’re trying to achieve, what type of accounts you want to interact with, and other targeting information. Then, this information will get passed onto your growth specialist, who will start work on organically growing your Instagram. They offer a fantastic dashboard feature, which enables you to follow your weekly, monthly and yearly growth. Your account manager will also be available around the clock to answer any questions you may have or alleviate any concerns. Yes, organic growth does take a while, and it can be really hard to give a definite timeline in terms of when you’ll see growth, but it does work. Growth is also permanent, and you’ll see plenty of interaction and engagement with your content. FollowFox also offers pretty competitive prices, meaning your hard earned cash won’t be wasted on a scam or service with little to no results.