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Best Movie Streaming Services For Students

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As the life of an average student is as busy as it gets, it is no wonder that many college students look for ways to relax. Far from jogging and traveling, streaming services provide a great way to relax and end your day. With a good streaming service, you can snuggle up in your bed, and slowly doze off to the sound of the latest blockbuster or your favorite TV Show. 

Media consumption among students has been on a steady incline in recent years. A higher number of TV Shows and a higher number of devices and screens that you can watch media on means that more time is spent on media than ever before. The events of 2020 and 2021 also boosted screen time, as students found themselves locked in homes and dormitories with little to do. Nevertheless, once the events were over and lockdown measures lifted, the time an average student spends in front of a screen barely dropped. 

Top Movie Streaming Services for Students

With this in mind, we should proceed to understand what needs students have once they are in front of a screen. Movies and media are not used only for relaxation purposes: quite, on the contrary, many psychology and literature students actually need this form of visual media for their courses. Many combine media with writing services: media is there for general ideas, while top essay writing service reviews are there to help find the best writing service. Other students may choose to watch documentaries and other forms of media to substitute for the time spent with a book in hand. Let’s consider the following top streaming services for students: 

  1. Netflix, 
  2. YouTube Premium, 
  3. Hulu, 
  4. Patreon, 
  5. Amazon Prime Video, and 
  6. Paramount+. 


Netflix is the most popular streaming service worldwide. With thousands of different movies and TV shows about students, it is a rich library of content that offers something for everyone out there. Generous student discounts and a long trial period of 6 months are meant for students – after all, their funding is very limited. Netflix is also super popular for their Netflix Original Documentaries and Docuseries, which, although very basic in the knowledge they provide, still offer new viewpoints and alternative opinions. With the sheer success of “Death to 2020” and “Death to 2021”, the originals offer a witty and humorous approach to documentaries that has rarely been seen before. 

YouTube Premium 

YouTube Premium is very similar to a regular YouTube service, with just a few add-ons that you may find useful. If you do not particularly like advertisements, this is a no-brainer for you – purchasing YouTube Premium drops all ads. Additionally, you will be able to download any video and watch it even when you do not have an Internet connection. 


Students can get Hulu for just $1.99 a month. For this small amount, you can stream tons of videos and series. The downside is that the offer is ad-supported, which means that you will still be watching some ads. The offer can be canceled at any time and is valid for students only. You should check out the availability of the service in your country before attempting the purchase. 


Patreon has emerged as an add-free service that offers a chance to anyone who would like to dwell to the depths of a particular topic to do exactly this. Patreon is tip-based (support-based) and it encourages its users to pay a small fee, if they like, to the channel owners to ensure there are no ads. Some channels, such as JustHaveAThink and JustHaveAnotherThink, use revenue from Patreon to even keep their YouTube channels free of ads. 

Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video is not a service per se but is available as a part of Amazon Prime to all users who pay a monthly fee of $15. With thousands of movies and a few series (notably fewer than Netflix, for example), the service is great for all those who are looking to add more value to their existing Amazon Prime account. 


Paramount+ service is another streaming service with special services aimed at college and university students. What makes this service unique is the Live TV function, which is offered by no other services out there. Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central are just some services offered by Paramount+. 

Final Considerations 

Whatever the reasons you are looking for a streaming service for students may be, you should know that you have plenty of options to choose from. The top six streaming services for students we’ve outlined here are just the tip of an iceberg, as there are many more such as The odds are that even your University offers streaming courses on a streaming platform. Try out our services and see what they have to offer to you. 

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