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Why Is Netflix So Popular Among Students?

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Media seems to be the favorite pastime for an average student. As it goes, students are a picky kind and most of them seem to have chosen Netflix, as their preferred streaming platform. Netflix is popular among students, needless to say, but in the sea of other streaming services, Netflix has somehow managed to secure the best position for itself. Let’s dive in and see what makes Netflix so popular. 

Reasons Netflix is So Popular Among Students

Netflix is so popular among students for a variety of reasons. Far from a very affordable price of $15 per month and a 50% discount for students, Netflix also offers a unique 6-month trial period. And while some laugh at memes showing how students make fake emails to ensure a steady supply of free trial periods, others stream educational shows on Netflix and get smarter by the day. Without much further ado, here are the reasons Netflix is so popular among students: 

  • Good Schedule, 
  • On-Demand Services, 
  • Original Content, 
  • Support for Multiple Users, 
  • Support for Multiple Devices, and 
  • Educational Content. 

Good Schedule 

Netflix offers on-demand streaming services, which is their biggest advantage over regular TV and live-streaming services. For an average student who happens to be busy for most of the day, being able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on-demand is an advantage that is hard to match. An added benefit is that all the shows are there, and there is no recording of any kind involved, as there was with TiVo. 

On-Demand Services 

On-demand services mean that every student can nurture their own playlist and watch only the shows they like. Netflix further boosts this advantage by offering curated proposals for what to watch next and uses this data to bring in more shows. This all goes towards building an intelligent platform that is as individualized as can be. 

Original Content 

Furthermore, Netflix invests heavily in its own TV Shows and documentaries. The introduction of a new format (the docuseries) was also something new on the market and has ensured that Netflix introduces innovation to the market as well. For a low price and a 50% discount, there is barely anything not to like on the platform. 

Support for Multiple Users 

Support for multiple users (up to 4 with the most expensive plan) means that an entire family or a group of friends can enjoy watching TV shows all day long. As it goes, the subscription even allows for multiple user profiles to be created, each with its own list of recommendations and individualized approach. This is a type of service that is difficult to match. 

Support for Multiple Devices 

Besides this, Netflix offers support for multiple devices as well. With this approach, you can stream your favorite content on your smart TV, tablet, and even smartphone, for as long as you don’t mind the small screen size. This kind of versatility and syncing across all your devices is what enables Netflix to stay in the top category of streaming services. 

As an added benefit, Netflix also offers the download function on their mobile device platform. This way, you can preload or download an entire season of your favorite TV show and enjoy it even when there is no Internet connection, such as when on a long flight or when off the grid. This is a unique approach to streaming, combining the two already existing approaches. 

Educational Content 

Netflix also offers a lot of educational content. Far from simple copies of existing documentaries, Netflix invests heavily into their own products as well. Offering a highly-critical perspective and unmatched humor in their documentaries, Netflix is great as a source of inspiration for college students and their review and narrative papers. In fact, once you have your idea, you can consult the e-paper library to have the paper written for you. Then, you can spend the extra time researching more or watching some more Netflix docuseries. 

Final Considerations 

Netflix has come to be the most popular streaming service for students. This, of course, did not happen overnight and it took years to bring Netflix to where it is now. With a combination of an innovative approach, offering existing and original content, and hyper-focusing on on-demand services, Netflix can rightfully be called the king of streaming. 

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