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Best Online Education Resource Center in Africa

While Europe and Asia budgeting billions in research and development, Africa previously lagging has woken up from her slumber and followed suit. Education is the key to unlocking future opportunities and must be made a priority in all ramifications.

Oftentimes, Africans in diaspora have the need for one information or the other in their native countries and find it quite challenging getting the best resource education website to channel their thoughts. This lapses brought about the need to create an online education resource center that would serve as a bridge between the prospective students from all walks of life and the information required. There are millions of online education resource website but schoolings stands out among the best online education resource center in Africa for getting accurate information on admissions for international students into any university within Africa, tuition fee, and other valuable information needed for processing admission.

Now I will be listing what you should look out for before selecting an online education resource center in Africa (such as Msu D2L). 

  1. Consistency of posting valuable contents
  2. Number of comments per post
  3. Physical Address
  4. Confirm via Google My Business
  5. Organic presence
  6. Online Rating
  7. Testimonials from visitors

Consistency of posting valuable contents

There must be consistency when posting contents on the website. A relevant site would post contents daily as there are news flying in and out online daily so this has to be one of the factors to look out for. There are many online tools you can make use of in checking how often a site post contents.

Number of comments per post

The number of comments per post is an indication of the level of inattentiveness of the post. This is more fun when the admin or editor or the site replies to questions being asked. With this direct form of communication, you can easily get the information you need without having to go through the contents over and over again.

Physical Address

A good online education website should have a physical address which would stand as a consulting centre for persons interested in one on one physical conversation. This is one factor you must look out for in checking for a reliable website for gathering valuable educational resources from Africa.

Confirm via Google My Business

Google my business is another great verification tool. This talks in clear and simple terms, what the site is about, the phone number, working hours as well as direction of the physical address. Make use of google my business by checking education resource centres available and you will get tonnes of them.

Organic presence

The online presence of the site must be significant enough in the area of keywords related to education in its geographical location. This helps in rating the popularity of the site’s organic presence and strength.

Online Rating

Rating affects how third parties trust your site. It gives visitors an overview of the level of trust to be accorded to the resources available in your website at a glace judging from its rates from 1 to 5. While 5 tend to be the best a site can get, a rating from 3.5 and above isn’t bad either hence the need for quality and valuable contents as this determines ratings given by visitors. For example is an authority in ratings of all sorts of programs due to the quality of contents uploaded daily. 

Another example is the rating of secondary schools in Lagos by schoolings using all metrics available and this gathered a lot of comments from visitors and this was generally accepted because of the online credibility of the resource center.

Testimonials from Visitors

This is the last of all criteria but not the least of all. Testimonials give assurances to other online visitors which indirectly increases their trust level on the site.

The above are criteria you must look out for before selecting an education resource center in Africa as this would determine the quality and correctness of information you will get from the site. 

You can make good use of the information available here as a yardstick for selection purpose. Schoolings is well known and arguably one of the online tool or better put, online education resource center for valuable info within and around the African continent.