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The Paley Center Presents: The Media’s Role in Combating Holocaust Denial, Misinformation, and Anti-Semitism

Event in Honor of International Holocaust Day

The Paley Center for Media announced that it will host an in-depth discussion about the media’s vital role in fighting the rise of antisemitism and Holocaust denial. The event is in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day and will feature prominent figures in advocacy, policy, and journalism. The event, The Media’s Role in Combating Holocaust Denial, Misinformation, and Antisemitism, is part of the Paley Center’s PaleyImpact program series and will premiere on the Paley Center’s dedicated channel on Verizon Media’s Yahoo Entertainment on Wednesday, January 27, 9:00 am ET.

Panelists will include Vice President of Content Policy for Facebook Monika Bickert; Director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Sara Bloomfield; Former Tel Aviv Bureau Chief, NBC News and Anchor Martin Fletcher; Holocaust Survivor Eva Schloss; Executive Vice President of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany Greg Schneider. The discussion will be moderated by renowned journalist Paula Zahn, host and Executive Producer of the true-crime documentary series On the Case With Paula Zahn on the Investigation Discovery channel.

“The media plays a crucial role in educating the public about the Holocaust and combating misinformation that spreads antisemitism and Holocaust denial,” said Maureen J. Reidy, the Paley Center’s President & CEO. “The Paley Center, through its PaleyImpact series, is proud to convene these influential and respected leaders to shine a light on this most important topic in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

When fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors remain to tell their personal stories, how is media leading the effort to fight misinformation and provide the facts about the Holocaust? This program will discuss the alarming rise in hate speech and acts of violence towards Jews. Additionally, panelists will focus on exploring the most effective ways for media to educate, inform, and make an impact on the dangers of antisemitism and make sure this critical period in world history is not forgotten and never happens again.

“Holocaust education is more important than ever in our current media environment.  From the pandemic and divisive politics to the economic downturn, there’s a perfect storm, as we’ve seen throughout history, for Holocaust distortion and antisemitism to flourish, said Claims Conference Executive Vice President, Greg Schneider.  “It is critical that the media accurately depict the Holocaust in coverage, whether that be digital, broadcast or in print.”

Eva Schloss, a Holocaust survivor who is participating in the event, was born in Austria and was a stepsister to Anne Frank stated, “I survived living in hiding, imprisonment in Auschwitz and the murder of most of my family, yet people still want to deny the Holocaust.  We need the media, now more than ever, to protect our history and prevent deniers from desecrating the murder of six million men, women and children.”

In addition, as the nation’s lawmakers debate how to protect free speech, while also combating hate speech on social media platforms, Facebook’s Monika Bickert will offer insight as to what the social media platform is doing and how it has evolved to tackle this growing global challenge.

“The Paley Center for Media offers a unique platform to discuss the intersection of media and society. I’m excited to be a part of such an important conversation at a time when it is so desperately needed,” said Monika Bickert, Vice President of Content Policy and PaleyImpact panelist. “This is slated to be a powerful and pertinent discussion, and I am excited to share the stage with such a distinguished panel to delve into how we can help raise the voices of those speaking truth to power and better inform the world.”

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