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Best Sites for RUST Gambling & Betting 2023

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RUST is an open world with multiplayer where the player’s main task is survival. However, it is necessary to craft many items, tools, and weapons and build a dwelling. The peculiarity of the game is that it does not offer a free choice of character skins, giving a random appearance and gender. You need to spend a lot of time in the game to get the good stuff, RUST skins, and ammunition. There is another option – to go to RUST gambling websites and win all the necessary stuff, giving useless in return.

Best RUST Gambling

If you’re interested in RUST gambling, it’s better to choose reliable sites that make reasonable offers. You can bet with skins on trusted resources, which are evaluated here by a bot and converted into coins and coinflips. It is a great gambling option to drop unnecessary loot and try to win worthwhile rewards. Let’s name some of the best RUST Gambling Sites:

  • Gamdom – with the best exchange rate;
  • RUSTReaper – with the best game software;
  • Bandit.Camp – with different types of currencies;
  • – for high rollers and economical gamblers;
  • Datdrop – with the largest selection of cases.

RUST roulette is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. The game allows you to apply many strategies which are used by experienced high rollers. Luck, combined with cold calculations, can bring considerable profit and a lot of adrenaline to the player. So, where to play roulette and other gambling amusements? Here are a few best RUST Gambling Sites.

1. Gamdom

The gambling entertainment site opened in 2016 and has become one of the famous places for RUST gambling, CS:GO, and other well-known games. The platform offers favorable exchange rates and bets on many different types of currencies with fast withdrawal and maximum privacy. In addition, SSL encryption guarantees the safety of personal data, and a wide range of gaming software allows you to choose your favorite type of entertainment.


  • multicurrency system;
  • protection of personal information;
  • rich game library;
  • generous bonuses.


  • not available in some countries;
  • no live chat.

Enter promo code “top100list” and get 15% of instant rakeback within the first seven days after registration.

2. RUSTReaper

Gamdom Casino’s subsidiary resource specializes in accepting RUST skins but also provides deposits in real money of several types of currencies. The site boasts high-quality game software from well-known providers, with the best animation and stable process. In addition, it is a legally operating site that received a license, so it is available in many countries worldwide.


  • reliable encryption using SSL technology;
  • favorable conversion of skins;
  • high speed of processing requests;
  • generous bonus system.


  • does not accept other items from RUST;
  • banned in some countries.

Using the promo code “hella”, a new user will receive 50 cents for nothing after completing the registration.

3. Bandit.Camp

It is a novelty in the world of RUST gambling that opened its doors in 2021. The gaming portal features a simple interface and a large selection of both gambling entertainment and gaming goods, which can be purchased for the site’s in-game currency. To spend time on the portal, you do not need a separate registration – it is enough to have an account on Steam. In addition, it simplifies the pastime and guarantees personal data protection.


  • the smooth operation of gambling games;
  • simplified registration;
  • high-quality development of the interface;
  • more than 15 types of currencies on deposit.


  • withdrawal only in RUST skins;
  • no access from some countries.

If you want to get just $0.15 – pass registration and enter promo code “hellagood”. This promotion is available to all new users.


The site was created in 2017 and has proven its reliability through the constant growth of an active audience. Players of RUST gambling are attracted by seasonal bonuses and drawings, where it is possible to win skins and weapons RUST. The friendly interface and convenient sections for high rollers and thrifty gamers dispose to a long game session. Licensed game software is presented in great variety.


  • high attendance, which indicates the reliability of the site;
  • frequent promotions and favorable offers;
  • simplified registration procedure;
  • support for mobile gadgets.


  • loud sound accompaniment;
  • accepting deposits only in RUST skins.

Enter the promo code “TOP100LIST” and get $0.15 for free for the completed registration. Then, all you have to do is log in through your Steam account.

5. Datdrop

It is one of the most popular sites for opening cases. The cost per box can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Drop-down loot, in most cases, pays off with rare and unique items. In addition, the platform offers games such as Gems, Blackjack, Jackpot, and Coinflip. In this case, the player is redirected to another room. The site was opened in 2016, and its customer base constantly grows, and thousands of gamers from all over the world tRUST it.


  • unique cases, a variety of games;
  • generous bonuses, gifts;
  • multi currency payment system;
  • carefully designed interface.


  • no direct withdrawal of skins;
  • poor communication with the support team.

Do you want to receive free 15 cents on the account? Enter the promo code “top100list” during registration, and then the funds will be instantly credited.

How do I make RUST less laggy?

Many gamers who are fond of RUST betting are not always satisfied with the game’s speed. It can happen for many reasons, but it brings a lot of inconvenience to the user:

  • slowdowns can cause the death of a character if you do not react to the threat in time;
  • lags make it difficult to correctly assess the situation, earn an item, material or select a weapon;
  • the lag of graphics from the soundtrack brings discomfort during the game.

It is comparable to a slow game of CSGO roulette when the player needs more time to make a profitable bet. However, it is not only about the inconvenience and certain material losses in this case.

What is the basic solutions about RUST Gambling?

First of all, it is necessary to check the Internet connection. It is essential to use a wired connection for quality gambling to avoid WIFI loss. If the link is stable, and there are no kinks and breaks in the cable, then you should make other checks:

  • Reduce the number of active Internet users to a minimum – you can disconnect your smartphone from this network for a while, connecting to an alternative mobile network;
  • Exit third-party accounts and programs running in the background – this way, you can save traffic in one direction;
  • Close browser tabs, and check the work of the antivirus.

Such actions are comparable in simplicity only to entering Duelbits promo code, which is activated automatically and does not require waiting. If RUST started working faster, then the problem would be solved.

How to decrease lag in RUST efficiently

Frees and lag problems in multiplayer games are common situations faced by gamers. If the previous recommendations have not given the desired result, we advise you to take a few actions:

  1. Check whether your computer’s specifications meet the requirements of the game.
  2. Set a lower graphics mode.
  3. Reboot your PC.
  4. Check if the video drivers are up to date.
  5. Choose a less loaded server.
  6. Set the power supply to maximum performance mode.
  7. Run Easy Anti Cheat in administrator mode and launch Repair Service to detect and fix errors.

There are many options for increasing fps and eliminating lags and delays. You don’t have to be a programmer to do this. Just follow the simple recommendations listed above.