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Best Upcoming Netflix Movies and TV Shows

Netflix has been on the run recently producing incredible TV shows and movies that quickly catch the eye of the audience and become incredibly popular. Netflix revolutionized the way we watch television, giving us the best experience at the most flexible options for watching.

The large movie and TV show library is constantly updating and there are many upcoming projects waiting to see the light of the day. In this article, we will go through some of the most anticipated Netflix movies and TV shows that are coming out in distant future.

“6 Underground”

We’ve seen Ryan Reynolds in a couple of Netflix projects and it is a big one coming on the way. “6 Underground” is directed by the famous Michael Bay which means that it is set as the biggest Netflix action blockbuster. It is about group of billionaires, that forms an elite squad, after faking their deaths trying to take down notorious criminals. They all come together in order to carry out an important operation that will be beneficial for all mankind.

“Underground 6” is set for release on December 13th, 2019 and we can wait to see it.

“Lost in Space 2”

The first season left us with many unanswered questions for which we had to wait more than a year to find the answers. However, the wait is almost over with the release of season two on December 24, 2019. It seems like that “Lost in Space” is going to take a page out of “Stranger Things” playbook, as the Robison family battles with the unknown. It is going to be amazing sequel and the perfect sci-fiTV show for the winter.

“The Kissing Booth 2”

This TV show premiered on Netflix back in 2018, and the audience had mixed reactions. However, it seems like the ratings were good enough for a sequel. It is about an unexpected romance between the most popular guy and school and the least popular girl. There is no detail information about the release, but it seems like it is going to be an interesting Friday afternoon romance TV show.

“Love. Wedding. Repeat”

It is a remake of a French romantic comedy from 2012. It features Sam Clafin playing as Jack which tries to conquer a lot of mishaps while still making sure his sister has the most beautiful wedding day. In the film, we’ll see the same wedding in three versions depending on the situation, and Jack will be the one who tries to balance every inconvenience.


The 1938 gothic novel follows the story behind a woman Mrs. De Winter and the story behind her marriage with her new husband Maximillian. It is basically a horror movie where she is hunted by the ghost of Maximillian’s first wife, Rebecca, whose cause of death remains unknown. It is expected to be a great movie with more drama than the NFL Super Bowl 2020.


It is about a young couple Adam and Katie that are conquering life problems and trying to build a future for them. Both of them will quickly realize that their dreams may have been crushed as they find themselves in the middle of criminal investigation and life quickly turns for the worse. It is expected to be great movie with a lot of ups and downs as they go through life problems which they are not responsible for.

These are some of the most anticipated movies and TV shows that Netflix has to offer in the next couple of months. There are many different projects that we still haven’t heard of but you can bet that 2020 is going to have some amazing releases.