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Betting on TV Shows – How does it Work?

Many sports bettors know there lie more wagering opportunities outside football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. You can bet on the royals—say when will Prince William and his wife get another child? Or you can wager on movies and TV shows. And you can check out a site like 9winz.

In the casino space, this form of wagering is called entertainment betting. It’s legal in many jurisdictions where online gambling is permitted. But in some places, including Las Vegas, betting on programs with pre-determined outcomes is banned.

Let’s assume you’re not planning to bet on the next episode of “Curb your Enthusiasm” while in Las Vegas. Precisely, you live in a place where betting on entertainment shows is allowed. How do you go about it?

Reality TV Series

Reality TV shows, more so competitions, are bookies’ favorite events when it comes to entertainment betting. They’re not scripted, and that means no one knows the outcome of the contest until an episode airs on TV.

*”The Voice”
*”The X-Factor”
*”Dancing with the Stars”
*”Britain Got Talent”
*”The Masked Singer”

Although each show is unique, they have the same bet types on betting websites. For example, which chef will be eliminated next on “MasterChef”? With “The Masked Singer,” bets could revolve around guessing which singer has a specific mask.

Scripted TV Shows

Before the last episode aired last year, “Game of Thrones” was one of the most wagered TV shows. It’s easy to guess why. It was an incredibly popular show meaning it attracted enough attention to betting websites.

On the flip side, the show’s creators were excellent in preventing leaks. That meant it also created a fair betting platform. No one knew which character would die before an episode came out.

Post-“Game of Thrones,” bookmakers vary on which shows they support. Some companies prefer long-running series such as Curb your Enthusiasm. Others provide betting markets for the most hyped shows.

Of course, betting websites that let you predict TV shows also offer traditional betting markets. They could have sportsbooks for traditional sports or online casinos. TV predictions are just part of what’s offered.

Bonuses for Entertainment Bets

On the best online casinos, new customers are welcomed with a bonus. It could be free spins without deposit requirement. Or it could be an offer to match your first deposit 100% so that you double your bankroll.

The top 50 online casinos in Canada at Zamsino offer a blend of both bonuses. That way, you can claim the no deposit offer if you’re not ready to risk your money. But if you like the experience, you can fund your account to claim a first deposit bonus. When it comes to entertainment betting, bonuses aren’t different. Casinos and sportsbooks let you use your welcome bonus on all betting markets, including TV shows. However, there are always rules about how you should use welcome offers. Some casinos like online casino Singapore may specify the welcome bonus is not applicable to certain casino games.

For example, there could be a requirement to bet on outcomes with specific odds—say 2/1. On the flip side, there’s a maximum betting amount. Some rules also govern what you must do to cash out bonus winnings.

Odds for TV Shows Bets

Bookmakers set odds that are similar to traditional sports to make it easy to wager on TV shows. That means odds come in three forms:

*Fractions such as 2/1 or 5/1
*Decimals like 1.50 or 4.30
*American odds like +150 or -300

Fractions and odds are relatively the same. It’s just a matter of what you prefer. However, fractions are more common in the UK, whereas decimals are popular everywhere else besides the US.

In the US, bookmakers primarily use odds traditionally based on winning $100. They are preceded by a positive (+) to represent an underdog or a negative (-) for favorites.

To illustrate, imagine having to bet on two dance groups on America’s Got Talent. The favorite group might have odds -150, while the underdog team has odds +200.

A. Odds -150 means you win $100 when you wager $150
B. Odds +200 suggest you earn $200 when you bet $100

In both cases, you also get your stake back. In other words, you receive your $200 winnings in bet B plus your initial $100.

Television Awards

In addition to predicting TV shows, you can also predict who wins what awards on some betting websites. From the Emmys and the Oscars to Golden Globes and BAFTAs, if it’s a popular award show, there’s probably a betting market for it.

The beauty of betting on award shows is that they attract immense hype from celebrities and fans alike. They also attract a lot of predictions from TV critics and news organizations. As a result, you can make an informed guess a lot better than predicting scripted shows.

Still on award shows, you can also predict music awards. So, if you love music as much as you love Netflix shows, these are also excellent betting markets.

Additional Entertainment Bets

Many TV series air an episode per week. But that doesn’t mean you can only bet on entertainment wagers once every week. On some betting websites, you can also bet on issues related to these disciplines:

*Nobel Prizes
*Eating Competitions
*Famous Franchise Characters

With politics, bets range from election winners and tweets from Donald Trump to promises made at town hall meetings. On the flip side, you can predict the next Nobel peace prize winner or who’s picked in the physics category.

When it comes to documentaries, “Tiger King” is what’s hot! But now that most episodes have already aired, bets relate to which famous actors will play the main participants in a movie. So, who do you think should play Joe Exotic in a film? Which renowned actress would play Carole Baskins?

To Conclude

It’s true. You can bet on TV shows on a variety of gambling websites. The odds are set based on what happens in each episode. For example, in MasterChef, odds would be on who gets eliminated in an episode. Or better yet, who wins the entire competition? Apart from TV shows, you can also bet on award shows, politics, and documentaries.