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Binary Options Auto Trading: Explanations and Top Bots

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Do you want to try trading options in a fully passive way? Then, opt for copy trading or subscribe to a signal provider. Yet, that will still require you to watch the notifications, analyze them, and perform trades. However, we have a solution, which will relieve you from all that ― see below.

This method involves utilizing special software ― a trading robot ― to automate trades. In other words, a trader gets a special program, adjusts its parameters according to his strategy, and lets it execute trades via his account based on the signals and algorithms. Again, as a rule, traders use such an instrument for copy trading or following signals. The main point is to find a reliable provider of signals with a high winning rate. Then, using a robot will allow you to earn income in a fully passive way at minimum risk.

Such software for binary options auto trading allows solving a wide range of difficulties and problems related to trading:

  •   Time economy. There is no need to watch the operation of such a bot all the time, it will be enough to check its efficacy periodically. In practice, a trader can safely leave it work independently and enjoy his free time.
  •   Quick processing. Such a bot can analyze the market conditions and make a decision in a matter of seconds, no human trader is capable of that.
  •   No emotional risks. The program will take steps according to the parameters set based on facts only while traders often get influenced by stress or panic.
  •   Customization. You will be able to fully adjust it to your personal trading style and strategy. You will be offered to specify every parameter: from the signal provider and maximum loss limit to the amount and frequency of trades.
  •   Affordability and accessibility. Such tools are often provided free of charge or at a pretty cheap price.

On the other hand, one must note that a trading bot cannot compete with an experienced trader in complicated or ambiguous situations.

Now, let us mention the best services so that you can quickly find the bot suiting your needs and avoid doubtful products and fraud. Our selection includes BinaryBot, OptionRobot, BinBotPro, AutomatedBinary, DAXrobot, Nadex. All of them, except for the latest one, are available for free either on their native trading platforms or at open access on the Web. At the same time, while most of these bots are designed for a single platform only, OptionRobot and AutomatedBinary are compatible with diversified services.

In general, one can say that a trading bot is a universal solution for those who are new to options trading and prefer passive earning so far. Yet, before trying such a tool at real trading, be sure to test the tool chosen via a demo account.