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Which Platform to Choose for Free Crypto Trading?

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Trading fees is a key choice aspect for every trader especially if he is interested in short-term investments or speculations. That is why so many investors are attracted by 0% commission offers and, then, get disappointed due to numerous non-trading fees. Read on to learn which crypto platforms offer 0% fees for real.

It is well-known that trading coins can become a substantial source of income even without huge initial investments. Due to frequent price fluctuations on this market, there is a wide field for speculation. But many beginners abandon that idea after learning about fees, which most exchanges charge for every transaction. Yet, there are still many platforms that offer 0% commission trading, although finding such sources is a challenge.

Luckily, we have already done all that hard work for you and performed deep research on the market. As a result, we have compiled a list of platforms, which combine minimal fees and premium services. To be objective, some of them do charge certain commissions, but they are quite affordable. The point is that most sources, which allow 100% free crypto trading, have significant omissions and weaknesses related to the level of service. Thus, we’ve decided to opt for optimal balance between reliability, quality, and rates. One must also highlight that our choice is based on diversified aspects: legacy, reputation, trading commissions, spreads, non-trading fees, selection of available crypto products, and trade volume.

So, we would like to note the following exchanges: Kraken, Robinhood, Bybit, Coinbase Pro, BlockFi, Binance, Uphold,, Bisq. The leader of this rating is Kraken as it is a universal choice for all categories of traders: from beginners to advanced investors that operate large volumes. By the way, in the latest case, trading commissions are 0%.

Besides, as a bonus, we will prompt you how to reduce trading commissions charged by any source ― join the Traders Union’s community. The only thing you need to do is to register on the crypto exchange selected via the affiliate link provided by this educational source. As a result, the exchange will pay Traders Union 20% of your trading commissions, and, then, they will return you 80% of that sum on a constant basis. Obviously, in the case of large volumes, your economy will be significant.

In sum, one can hardly find a decent crypto exchange that will take no fees at all. Yet, if you pick any service from our top list, you can be sure that you will get the best quality of service at the cheapest possible price.