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Bring Vegas to Your Home with These Top 5 Gambling Movies on Netflix

Vegas is famous for its enormous and luxurious casinos. We have seen many movies where the main character does the magic on the poker table. When you can’t go to Vegas, you can bring Vegas to your home. All you need to do is watch some classic movies that feature amusing gambling stories. There are tons of movies that include a casino in the plot, but we only picked the top 5 for you. They are available on Netflix so that you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. Make sure that you don’t miss the carefully chosen list of the most popular gambling movies!


Gambling movies show different aspects, so this one is different from the others. It is all about which perspective you want to see. “Croupier” is a story about a dealer that takes you into the shady world of gambling. People here put big stakes on the table, rather than gambling with only their pay. The movie takes you into the worlds of small card rooms, rather than the flashy and luxurious casinos. This is a classic movie made in 1998, so it is worth seeing.

Croupier (1998)

“Casino Royale”

One of the Bond movies included a casino in the plot. “Casino Royale” is one of Bond’s toughest missions. The undercover spy is on a mission to investigate the mysterious deaths of other spies. Agent 007 discovers one common weakness among agents: being seduced by women. Bond’s charm will gain Lady Fiona on his side. These two will work together to stop Le Chriffe’s plan to finance a terrorist group by cheating in the casino. This classic was filmed back in 1967. If you haven’t watched the casino blockbuster, you have certainly missed a lot. Next time you enjoy your favorite game at sites like, don’t miss watching the movie.

Casino Royale (1998)

“Ocean’s 11”

“Ocean’s 11” is a good comedy and an action movie. A group of eleven criminals joins together for a heist worth $150 million. Their ultimate plan is to rob three Vegas casinos. But, things get pretty complicated here. The owner is in a relationship with Tess, the ex of the leader of Ocean’s 11. This movie guarantees a great plot twist, as it gathers the elite from Hollywood. Clooney is the leader in this fun action movie and the chief planner of the casino robbery. This is one of the old-fashioned heist movies that you shouldn’t miss.

Ocean’s 11 (2001)


Mike McDermott is a law student that has a hidden hobby. He is a poker player, nut not many know that he is an actual genius. He doesn’t only play for the fun nor the money. Mike is determined to enter the World Series and build his reputation in the poker world. But, not many things will g according to plan. The movie shows his side of the story while struggling to balance his love relationship, school, and endless love for poker. He joins the shady poker scene of New York to fulfill his mission.

Rounders (1998)

“The Cooler”

The movie is a romantic drama with some gambling elements to spice things up. In the old-school casino language, a cooler is an employee whose presence brings bad luck to the gamblers. The casino manager, played by Alec Baldwin, sees this as an excellent opportunity. Bernie is the cooler of the Shangri-La casino, where he falls in love with Natalie. She then changes his life for the better. The movie puts an accent on Alec Baldwin’s exceptional performance as the manager of the casino.

The Cooler (2003)