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Top Gambling Movies Available on Netflix

Netflix library is filled with several movies, series, documentaries and whatnot. Whenever we want to watch something, we often spend several minutes going through this library before deciding on something. 

Hence, we have done some research and culminated a list for you. Check out our list of fascinating gambling movies now available on Netflix to watch. 

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Coming back to Netflix movies, here’s the list.


The movie revolves around the main character Mike McDermott (played by Matt Damon). Mike stops gambling due to pressure from his girlfriend, Jo (Gretchen MoI). However, this gambling addict couldn’t stay out of trouble for long when his friend and ex-gambling partner, Murphy is finally out of prison. Both of them again begin their betting ventures and end up in more trouble. To pay the debtors back, Mike enters into a Poker series against Teddy, a Russian mafia head. Young Matt Damon along with Gretchen MoI bring in the perfect chemistry the movie needed. 

“Lay the Favourite”

This is more of gambling cum romance story starring Rebecca Hall and Bruce Willis in the lead role. Rebecca Hall plays the role of Beth Raymer who is a lap dancer in the movie. Tired of her old job, she starts looking for new opportunities to make money. That’s when she meets Dink (played by Bruce Willis) who happens to be a professional punter. 

Dink teaches her the insides and outsides of the gambling world and both go on to make money. Further, the two fall for each other, while Dink is already married to Tulip (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones). 

“Hard Four”

Hard Four begins with Gold Hands Segal (portrayed by Edward Asner), a veteran punter, playing at the craps table. Hands ends up with a heart attack and dies immediately. When notified of Spenser Ragusa, his grandson, he and his best buddy get a 24 hours window to get the body and conduct a funeral. As simple as it might sound, the two end up into issues one after another. All in all, an adventurous and humorous movie definitely worth a try.