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Business Success Stories And What They Can Teach You

Success is never a smooth path, to begin with. There is not one secret formula to ensure that a business idea will ever make it big. You may have the assets and an incredible idea, to begin with. However, it is not enough to ensure a smooth ride towards your end goal. 

The reality is that even the most successful entrepreneurs had their fair share of challenges. This goes to show that sometimes, it takes a lot of time, patience, and effort before you can taste that sweet victory you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are three business success stories worth knowing.

Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan was a Chinese immigrant-turned top CEO. His story started in the mid-’90s when his visa application was denied eight times. However, didn’t stop his dream of acquiring a US visa. On his ninth try, he finally got the approval he wanted. But then again, the process took two long years.

He worked for a Silicon Valley communication company for years before establishing Zoom. He envisioned founding a platform that will serve as the solution against long distance business relationships. Nowadays, his company is one of the go-to communication platforms of companies, big or small, around the world. It helps keep employees and their teams connected through  real-time collaboration via chat, audio, and video conferencing. Now, people can work and stay in touch even if the teams are miles away from each other.

Acquiring a visa is one of many immigrant’s dreams, but not everyone is lucky enough to get one. Thanks to Yuan’s persistence, he was able to wait for the right time. While it did take him nine tries and two more years before getting what he wanted, he eventually succeeded by trying over and over again. This goes to show that to yield results; one may need to work harder again and again.

Henry J. Heinz

Heinz is one of the largest and among the famous brands of food processing companies. Its owner, Henry J. Heinz, was of German descent. He and his friends started selling his mother’s homemade grated horseradish at the age of nine. During this time, businesspeople often try to fool their customers into paying more than what they actually offer. To prove that his product has excellent quality, he turned to clear glass jar packaging, increasing sales.

However, Heinz’ company faced bankruptcy in 1972. But that didn’t stop Heinze from trying again. By the year 1919, he collaborated with his cousins and launched new products we came to love such as Heinz ketchup, pickles, and baked beans. This time, he succeeded and established his brand not only locally but also in the global market.

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Even though Heinz faced bankruptcy, he did not stop working hard, which is why his products are now a household brand. He was a keen observer and noticed how consumers were not trusting processed foods in opaque containers. When his first product failed, he launched new goods with excellent quality and innovative packaging. It shows that innovativeness, a keen eye for details and perseverance goes a long way for business owners.

Howard D. Schultz

Schultz came from a poor working class family in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from high school, he worked as a sales manager for a company that sold home appliances. When Gerald Baldwin and Gordon Bowker, the owners of Starbucks, ordered a large number of coffee machines, he was the one sent to meet their customers. He persuaded them into hiring him as the director of retail operations and marketing for the three Starbucks Stores. 

His trip to Milan changed his life, and an idea struck him into turning the coffee bean roaster into an upscale espresso cafe. This was after seeing small coffee chops owners providing a personalized way of serving coffee to their customers. The two Starbucks owners declined his idea, so he quit his job and built his own company from scratch. 

Two years later, Schultz bought the brand name Starbucks and sold shares on the NY stock exchange. The price rose from $14 a share to $33 in a single day. He worked hard in retaining his Baristas by teaching how to make the perfect cup of espresso. This led to Starbucks success.

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Many can relate to Schultz’ struggle. His idea was initially rejected, but he did not stop trying because he knew his idea was worth investing in. He used his own experience and learned from his failures and obstacles, which is what led to the kind of success he is experiencing nowadays.

These types of stories are what startup entrepreneurs need to learn from. Success doesn’t come only after one, two, or three failures. Often, those who experience the most hardships but don’t stop trying are the ones who reap the biggest rewards in the end. You too, can be successful and don’t be afraid to put up your own business. You can start by a simple online ecommerce store and if you don’t know where to start, Sunbowl Systems can help you with your E commerce site.

In this time and age, perseverance, responsibility, innovativeness, and a positive outlook are not enough to succeed. Nowadays, one needs to cope with the growing demands of consumers before you can experience the sweet taste of success. With most consumers having access to the internet, one needs to take advantage of it when introducing your brand, promoting your products, and making more profit. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a blogger outreach agency.

Such outreach agencies offer guest posting services and link outreach services, which can help drive organic traffic to your page, leading to more sales and revenue. Why? The reason is that it is not enough that you have a business website and are active on social networking sites. The best blogger outreach services can help you reach your target audiences with ease, letting you focus on other aspects of your business. 

Starting and running your own company is never easy. It is why businesses are only for risk-takers. If you’re only willing to stay within your comfort zone, you can’t expect to reach a higher amount of success as the other established entrepreneurs. Believe in yourself, study the market, don’t give up and always be innovative, and you’ll soon succeed at the right time.


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