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Buying TikTok Followers: What You Need To Know

A lot of people say that if you buy TikTok followers you will damage your account and you run the risk of having your account disabled or blocked, but like with anything, if you know what you are doing and you are smart about it, you can work it to your advantage. Buying followers on TikTok is no different, but there are a few key things you need to know before you take the plunge.

Followers and Engagement

TikTok and Instagram hold some similarities and one of those is the follower to engagement ratio. When you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you need to have a high ratio of interaction on your content, this is one way that Instagram detects accounts that have bought followers.

TikTok is no different and has employed the same method. If you are thinking of buying followers, you also have to consider buying engagement at the same time. The likely hood of a genuine account having 10,000 fans and 3 likes isn’t high, so why would you do it to yours. When you buy followers, you also want to be buying at least 40% of the total in hearts. And if you are looking to buy TikTok followers, check out SocialMissle because they offer real and targeted followers.

That way, not only does it look like your account has a lot of followers, it also shows that your account is getting love from other users, which makes the purchase look a lot more genuine. Furthermore, you increase the chance of TikTok’s algorithm showing it to other people and increasing your reach.

TikTokPalace is a highly-recommended service to buy TikTok followers from. It shows a deeper understanding of the TikTok algorithm, the way it works, and what it looks for in a TikTok profile to treat its followers as genuine and engaging ones.

Moreover, when ordering TikTokPalace’s services, the customers experience a unique and innovative process of getting a special link to track their orders’ status whenever they want. Another fantastic feature of TikTokPalace is that the website’s experts will also offer the ideal packages of likes and views to support the number of followers you purchase, thus maintaining the optimal ratio recommended by the TikTok algorithm to maximize your profile’s exposure.

Always Drip Feed Your Purchase

We are now more impatient than we ever have been, and we are used to getting exactly what we want in a short time frame, when it comes to buying followers, you need to do the exact opposite and be patient. There are services that are available where you can get instant delivery, but we don’t recommend it.

The algorithm on TikTok is set to flag any unusual activity, and if you have gone from 50 followers to 5000 in the space of a day, this can get your account flagged and potentially deleted.

Don’t risk this by being impatient, simply drip feed them into your account so it doesn’t look suspicious, the recommended amount when you first start is between 300 and 350 actions per day. As your follower number steadily increases, as does the amount of actions on your account. This is because the more popular your account is, the more people will want to follow it. So just bide your time and watch as a consistent number of followers roll in on a daily basis!

Don’t Give Away Your Login Details

If you are buying fans, hearts and shares you should never need to hand over your personal login information. All the seller requires is your TikTok URL to apply your purchase to it. This is different from a growth service who do need this information, but if you are thinking of buying fans from a service that asks for your login information, look for another provider as their intent may not be innocent.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying fans, hearts and shares, it will be worth while exercising common sense. If you want to buy 10,000 fans, make sure that you also purchase no less than 4000 hearts to keep your account safe from TikTok’s algorithms.

Drip feed your purchase, so the following and associated engagement looks genuine and never hand over your login details to a service that provides you with followers. As long as you exercise caution, you can sit back and watch your account grow.