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Bye Bye, Billy Bush

The disgraced 'Today' show host is finally being shown the door. What took so long?

From Campaign US: Four days after the Washington Post published the now-infamous video of Donald Trump and Billy Bush giggling over Trump’s affinity for groping women (c’mon guys, it was just “locker room talk”), it appears NBC is finally poised to fire the “Today” show host.

The only question remaining now is, what the hell took so long? Cause let’s be honest, the Peacock’s embattled news division should be better at this by now. It was just last year that NBC News—under the direction of recently reappointed president Andy Lack—decided to suspend Brian Williams, and ultimately demote him to MSNBC, for misrepresenting his war-time experiences as a journalist.

While one could argue that Williams’ crime was far greater—a respected journalist falsifying information poses an actual threat to democracy, whereas the host of an entertainment show sycophantically laughing at rapey humor mostly just confirms public suspicions about vacuous, blow-dried TV personalities. But this is network news, where—right or wrong—there is no greater crime than turning off viewers (who will return the favor in kind). The “Today” show is aimed squarely at women 25 to 54. Could he have found a more vile way to offend them without actually breaking the law?

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