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Can You Win Money in iGaming? – Interview with Lukas Mollberg

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The iGaming trend has been sweeping through the world in recent years, with a record number of online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, and other forms of iGaming operators opening up to the players. iGaming has now even been partially legalized in the USA and millions of Americans now have access to legal online gambling.

We talked to Lukas Mollberg, the owner of Casinoble and industry insider about how iGaming actually works and whether players can expect to make money when playing at such sites. We looked to find out if gaming for real money was something that could be a fun and potentially profitable hobby or if it’s a dangerous addiction as some portray it to be.

Hello Lukas and thank you for finding the time for us. Can you tell our readers a little bit about iGaming in general? What does it encompass and what makes it so popular?

Hi and thank you for having me over to explain the iGaming concept to your readers. When we say the word iGaming, we are talking about a big range of different games. This includes games like slots, card games, bingo, keno, poker, and more. However, the one misconception people always have is that you have to play these games for real money.

The truth is that there are more social games in the industry than those you can play for real money. A player could spend countless hours playing games that fall under the veil of iGaming without ever investing a cent. In fact, some of these games even let players win some tangible prizes without ever making a deposit. That said, real money gambling does also fall into the category of iGaming.

So let’s talk about the real money games. What options do players have and what are the risks and rewards? Can you actually win money from online gambling?

There are countless forms of real money gambling you can do online. The amount of risk you take is up to you, just like it would be in a real world casino or sportsbook. As long as you are playing on a licensed site, you can be sure that you are in a safe environment and you most definitely can win real money.

Of course, the operators always have an edge over you, but this edge can be very slight in some games. Countless people have won millions of dollars from iGaming and many others have lost as well. In reality, I advise everyone to play responsibly and only risk what they can afford. It’s entertainment like any other, and it’s perfectly safe if done in a responsible way.

What kind of wins are possible in online casinos? Are there special jackpots you can win like in a big casino in Las Vegas or are the stakes much lower?

The beauty of iGaming is that you really get to set your tempo and your stakes. You could be betting just cents at a time, but if you enjoy gambling the big bucks you can do that as well. Games like Mega Moolah from Microgaming offer multimillion dollar jackpots even to players who aren’t betting very big at all.

Most games in the iGaming industry only give the house a small edge. This means on a lucky night a player can have a substantial  win even without winning any special jackpot. If you add the bonuses and promos that operators are offering on top of that, you get a very good source of entertainment that can also be profitable with some luck.

Thank you Lukas for taking the time to explain these concepts! We hope they will help our readers approach iGaming in a responsible way if they do decide to have some fun with it.