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Is A Solar Or Electric Water Heater Better For An Apartment Building?

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When planning a renovation at home, people usually come across the difficulty of choosing a proper water heater and finding a contractor. If speaking of modern planning of apartments, most commonly they are powered with solar water heaters or at least have been majorly considered. Yet, whether an electric alternative should be avoided? Let’s overlook the pros and cons of both and decide whether finding a contractor is a choice.

Using solar light to light up a dark space is a great way to save money on electricity. In the future, there will be more solar powered motion lights that can be attached to your lamp posts and used as lighting or decoration.

A Solar Water Heater Installation

What do you think about solar water heaters generally? Most people correlate such heaters to actual solar power. The buildings are powered with designated roof-mounted collectors which then heat water. Alongside collectors, there is a tank that preserves water at hot temperatures, so you do not wait for it to be reheated again. Sounds complicated? In simple terms, the sun heats water found in collectors. Once it is heated enough, water is raised in level and is directly transferred to a storage tank. Such units may heat water up to 60°C when it comes to cold winter times. 

Other benefits of a solar water heater are:

  • As you may guess, you use free power. If you live in sunny areas, you are more than lucky;
  • Such units do not occupy much space compared to PV panels;
  • It is all about their utmost efficiency. If speaking of numbers, around 80% of the radiation is converted into energy;
  • Compared to PV solar panels, they are cheaper;
  • You do not have to pay extremely high fuel bills;
  • You support a lowered carbon footprint movement;
  • There are incentives for such units. You may learn this information from the local institutions that supervise the promotion of solar systems or by finding a contractor.

As you may see the main perks of such appliances are their efficiency, cost, and free fuel. But, what about electric water heaters?

An Electric Water Heater Installation

When it comes to electric water heaters, and finding a contractor, the mechanism of their action is partially the same as with solar units except for the fuel. It works by heating the rods found in the tank. As for their efficacy, they are quite powerful. Yet, what you can see are the huge heating bills. 

There are 3 main types of this best water heater option including standard tanks, high-efficiency tanks, as well as hybrid heat pumps. What about their benefits?

  • The upfront cost is pretty low compared to solar systems, and they do not require you to install them on the roof;
  • They are customized. They are especially convenient in terms of installation. Not much space needed;
  • They are safer compared to gas units. You won’t come across any gas leakage. Electric issues are rare;
  • They are durable. You may use one unit for years without any need for repairs. At least 15 years, the electric water heater may serve you if you care about it, and overlook its running from time to time.

Now, it is high time to speak of two unit cons and decide on the best water heater for your apartment/house.

What to Choose Solar Water Heater vs Electric Water Heater?

So, by choosing an electric tankless water heater, be ready to face the following inconveniences – fossil fuels. Such solar units are great contributors when it comes to fossil fuel depletion. Then, electric units may be linked to short circuits with cords which may bear danger for users. Even though the upfront cost is low, you should know that your monthly heating cost won’t be low.

A solar hot water heater, in turn, requires a tedious installation even with finding a contractor because of roof-mounted construction. Then, they can be damaged by natural disasters or even simple weather conditions including heavy rain or snow. Such damages will lead to expensive repairs. Finally, the most important con that potential users are afraid of is costs. Such solar units may cost one approximately $2,500.

Therefore, if you live in areas with lots of sunlight, you do not have many natural disasters in the area and are ready to contribute much money, choose a solar water heater system. You will enjoy its efficacy, and support the carbon footprint movements that are a must with a poor environmental condition.

If you want to stick to old-fashioned water heaters and are not afraid of high heating bills, the tankless electric water heater will be a go-choice. First off, you can install it yourself since compared to solar units, the installation is not so tedious. Beyond that, these units will serve you at least 15 years if you maintain them properly with professionals found with Contractorfinder.

Both units are great, and you may learn which one fits your household the most by relying on the experts in the field. Finding a contractor will determine whether a solar or electric system should be installed.