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‘Card Sharks’ Contestant Encounters an Unfortunate Row in the Money Cards Round

ABC’s newest update of the classic game show “Card Sharks” features its new Money Cards bonus round that can offer up to winnings of $640,000 if a contestant can correctly guess, among a set of seven playing cards, whether each subsequent card is higher or lower.

Although the show is most known for two options, higher or lower, there exists a third option: equal, as in the next card will be of the same value as the previous card. With odds of at most seven percent, this third option has never been used. In previous incarnations from the 80’s, consecutive cards with the same values in Money Cards was considered a “push” with no wagered money lost. But the syndicated 2001 version did away with the push and so has the new 2019 edition.

During the series premiere that originally aired on June 12, 2019, a young man named Aziz Muinde earned $23,000 after three cards into the Money Cards round. He wagered only $4,000 that the next card would be lower than an 8 but he was incorrect — it was higher; it was an Ace, the highest valued card in the deck.

With his remaining $19,000, Muinde confidently bet $15,000 that the next card would be lower than that Ace — a 94 percent chance it would be lower. Unfortunately for him, the next card was another Ace. He then bet all of his remaining $4,000 on another guess of lower than an Ace; this time, his chances would be 96 percent correct.

However, it was just not his day: a third consecutive Ace appeared and Muinde’s earnings were completely wiped out.

Check out how it all unfolded: