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Cartoon Network Renews ‘Steven Universe’ and ‘Uncle Grandpa’

Five Aninated Series Now Confirmed to Return on Cartoon Network in 2016-17

Cartoon Network has issued pick-ups for next season to original animated series “Steven Universe” and “Uncle Grandpa.” Both series originate from the artist-driven Shorts Program at Cartoon Network Studios, and they join the already renewed “Adventure Time, Clarence,” “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “Regular Show.”

Created by writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar (“Adventure Time”), “Steven Universe” tells the story of three magical defenders of the planet….and Steven, the proverbial “little brother” to the Crystal Gems — a team of magical guardians of humanity. “Uncle Grandpa,” created by Pete Browngardt, follows the adventures of Uncle Grandpa who is out to help every child and adult in the world through the power of imagination. With his mystical R.V. and eternal optimism, Uncle Grandpa is always ready to greet the day—and everyone he meets—with his signature.