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Cashback at Indian Online Casinos

The word cashback has become seriously entrenched among online casinos, and it is a type of loyalty bonus program for active play at the casino.

Cashback in land-based casinos and slot clubs was previously implemented with incentives for gamblers in the form of free drinks, treats, and complimentary services in the casino hotel. Also, for the VIP casino customers, there are offers % back from the number of bets. Thus, you get a portion of your money back.

If you are a relevant question, how to get cashback in Indian casinos – read this article.

What is a Cashback at an Indian online casino? 

It is an actual refund in real money for bets placed or % of your deposit. So you get a portion of your money back.

There are two types of cashback in different online casinos: the points for betting and the percentage return on the deposit amount.

  • Cashback – The return of a certain percentage of the deposit made at the casino for a certain period. The recovery rate depends on a particular online institution, on average, ranges from 5 to 20%. Most often, there are temporary periods of cashback – a week, a month. This kind of Cashback bonus is credited in case of an unsuccessful game by the player as a reward for the game.
  • Cashback for bets at the casino, in which case the amount of refund depends on the total number of bets or spins performed. This type of cashback is the most profitable for the player. A player receives this type of bonus, regardless of the outcome of the game. For example, it would be a winning or losing session.

Also, a system of incentives Cashback no deposit bonus on Bollywood in the form of points.

  • Casino Points – Awarded on the amount wagered in casino games, each time you make a different bet on table games or perform a spin in the slot games, online casino credits you with the Points from the total amount wagered. Later incentive points can be exchanged for real money, depending on the status of the player: the more significant the player’s level, the higher % of conversion of cashpoints.

Why do you need a cashback?

A cashback online casino bonus in India is an excellent chance to recoup your losses. Some casinos offer the cashback bonus as a cashout, while others require you to wager to convert the bonus into real money. Our list of cashback bonuses contains all the information you need about cashback bonus amounts and wagering conditions. Then, use our advanced filter and online casino reputation ranking to find the place with the most suitable cashback bonus for you.

How to activate a cashback bonus?

Every month or week, cashback bonuses are automatically awarded to everyone who qualifies. To activate your bonus, go to your Profile, click on the Cashback box, then click “Get.”

In the interest of fair play, the cashback bonus has a small wager. Its amount will need to be won back from x5 to x10 times (depending on your VIP status).

In what games is cashback accrued

Often, there is no difference where the balance was lost – in slots or video poker. However, due to the development of Live Casino, many operators began to separate cashback. As a result, it is possible to receive a refund separately on slot machines and live tables.

In rare cases, as part of marketing campaigns, cashback can be credited to specific games. Thus, the institution increases the demand for novelties.

In what period is the online casino bonus in India calculated?

In this parameter, everything is also individual. Most clubs adhere to seven days for the calculation of cashback. You can also meet more extended periods – some halls prefer to make a player’s return once a month.

There are also shorter periods. For example, the player may get a refund of some money lost over the weekend. But these are usually unique cases and are valid for specific promotions.

What is the maximum amount of cashback?

Not all casinos limit the number of refunds. After all, if you think about it, the operator benefits when his client loses a lot, which means you need to encourage him in all possible ways. It applies mainly to high rollers, who play at the highest limits. Such players can make a unique offer if you contact the support service with such a request.

The institution often establishes the amount above which it will not be possible to get a cashback, even if you have played more. It is all specified in the bonus rules, so it is worth carefully reading them before you play for money.


Cashback Bonus is an excellent way to minimize your spending on the game. This approach of the bonus is very appealing to players. Often there are cases when players receive a Cashback Bonus from the casino on the wave of a successful game to win a not lousy amount, returning previously lost funds.