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Casino Myths from Television and Film Debunked

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By and large, most films and television shows have entirely the wrong idea about gambling. Whether they show it as a big-spending glamorous activity in gold-adorned casinos, or a seedy underworld full of death, despair and destitution, the real casino gambling world is seldom ever shown. Don’t believe everything you see on TV or in the cinema. Allow us to explain away and debunk some of the myths associated with the average cinematographic representation of gambling.

There’s Less Randomness to Slots

Almost every casino scene will show one-armed bandits aplenty. These games aren’t that popular with players in the know. In fact, most players prefer video slots. These are not fruit machines and are played using screens digitally rather than using drums. Moreover, slots are often shown to be wholly random affairs. You win or lose at random. You can learn about volatility, RTP, house edges, and hit rates to make yourself a lot better prepared and to boost your chances of success.

Not All Table Games Are for High-Rollers

James Bond plays baccarat for epic stakes in a handful of 007 movies, and suddenly, the entire world believes that baccarat is a game that is tricky to play and only for the mega-rich. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t’ need to learn the Third Card Rule, and many baccarat and other table games actually have beginners’ tables where first-timers can learn the game or low-rolling tables suitable for players on tighter budgets.

There Are More People Betting Online Than You Think

So, everybody visits Las Vegas to gamble, do they? Not at all. Atlantic City is just as big and popular with those who want to gamble without all the glitz and glamour. Macao is even bigger than Las Vegas. In reality, though, most gambling actually occurs online at top sites like Rollers Casino. Moreover, sports betting isn’t as shady as having a guy with a book. In fact, in many US states, it is now legal.

Blackjack Isn’t Portrayed Correctly

Blackjack has consistently been portrayed incorrectly in Hollywood. In fact, three of the most common options available to players are often excluded when blackjack is shown on screen. Note how you never see a player taking insurance, splitting, or doubling down? Why not. This would overcomplicate the scene. However, the result is that few players are aware that these options even exist when playing blackjack because the game is inaccurately portrayed.

Craps Is a Lot Harder Than Showcased

Finally, we’ll end with craps. This is arguably the most incorrectly shown game of all. In many scenes, characters are shown trying to land “snake eyes” or decide which number they want to land. That’s not the way that craps works, though. You will most likely be trying to land any number bar a specific one (such as seven or eleven), or you may be trying to roll out a specific point number. However, you don’t get to choose it.