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Jobs You Can Do Side Hustle While Studying

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Are you looking for a way to earn money while still studying? This can be a great move to achieving your financial dependence while schooling in Singapore. After all, students have an endless list of expenses to cater for, ranging from rental to meals and transport costs.

Part-time jobs come in handy to cushion students from the high cost of living in Singapore. Here are some of the best side hustles ideal for busy college students.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Do you have a knack for organizing? Organizing is a vital skill as every organization or individual has their unique way of doing things. If you have the talent, you can earn extra income by being a virtual assistant (VA). Check out part time job sg for VA opportunities. 

They are in high demand by small businesses today. The job of a VA is to help manage an organization’s day-to-day operations. This can include anything from data entry to answering e-mails. And the beauty of it all is you can work for foreign companies while in Singapore.

Become an Online Tutor

You don’t have to be a graduate to offer tutoring services in Singapore. And this explains why online tutoring is among the best part time jobs for students in Singapore. Additionally, the increasing demand for online learning makes this side hustle inevitable. 

So, where do you start with online tutoring? There are thousands of parents who want their children to succeed in school, and they are willing for it. 

Identify what you are good at and learn the art of transferring that knowledge to other people. Hone your skills, decide on your hourly rate, get online and hunt for learners looking for online tutoring.

Offer Landscaping Services

For those that have green thumbs, consider landscaping in their free time. There is a demand for gardening services in Singapore, especially during warm months. Singaporeans are willing to pay students to maintain their gardens as they don’t have the necessary skills.

Landscaping is not an everyday service. You can therefore create time to work and still attend your classes. Invest in the right equipment, market your services to local homeowners in your town, and you’ll be good to go. For more on landscaping, visit expert tree care provider in Jacksonville.

Offer Moving Services

Towns with colleges and universities are popular for high turnover. New students are coming into those towns as graduating students leave. Make use of this turnover rate by offering moving services as a part-time job.

You can get an opportunity to be hired by a company offering such services. However, more are the returns if you work with like-minded schoolmates. Most movings typically take place during the weekends. You can attend your classes during weekdays and work on weekends with good networking and marketing.

Become a Social Media Influencer

Do you have a large following on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Why not leverage the platforms and convert your online connections into extra cash? Most companies in Singapore are abandoning traditional advertising models in favor of social media marketing.

With this shift, more companies are looking for social media influencers to endorse their products on social media. Take photos to create charming and relevant promotional posts on the products you are supporting. 

Network with other influencers to increase your following and create more brand awareness on the product you’re endorsing. The beauty of social media influencing is a passive income job. Continue earning as you are learning.

Take Action Today!

The cost of living and that of students loans in Singapore is on the rise. As a student, taking part time jobs will keep you moving and give you money for that weekend coffee date. Please choose one or two of our recommended side hustles above and earn while studying.