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‘CBS Evening News’ Anchor Scott Pelley to Receive 2016 Cronkite Award

Ceremony to Take Place on Nov. 21 at the Grand Phoenix Hotel

Scott Pelley has been named the 2016 recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism. Pelley, Anchor and Managing Editor of the “CBS Evening News” and a Correspondent for “60 Minutes,” will receive the 33rd Cronkite Award, given by ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at a ceremony Monday, Nov. 21 at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix hotel. He will also broadcast the “CBS Evening News” that day live from the Cronkite School on ASU’s downtown Phoenix campus.

“Walter became known as ‘Uncle Walter’ to an admiring audience, but he was truly like an uncle to me. In our conversations, he pressed me to be honest with the audience, skeptical of conventional wisdom and grateful for my family. His advice and his example are more urgent today than at any time,” Pelley said. “I’m greatly humbled by this recognition from the Cronkite School because it comes in the name of a man I knew, admired and loved.”

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  1. Looks to me like Lester Holt should have been the one getting the award. Anchoring the network news is a full-time job; why for the life of me does SP need to be on 60 minutes too? I personally think this is an ego thing. There are many other very capable correspondents on 60 minutes, and having SP on their too just seems silly to me. Not saying he isn’t good, I just don’t believe its necessary considering all the others.

  2. Marc, on your polls you need to put a thing where we can see how people are voting like after you vote. All it says is 88 votes and you can’t see who voted after the first day.

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