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TBS and AMC Likely to Best the Broadcast Networks on Easter Sunday

The following are the fast affiliate results for Sunday, March 27, 2016 broken out by network and by each half-hour:

Note: Overnights from the 56 metered markets for NCAA Regional Finals in Men’s Basketball on TBS:

Syracuse vs. Virginia 4.9
North Carolina vs. Notre Dame 6.6

Prime Averages
Network Viewers
5.309 1.0/4
7.089 0.9/3
3.523 0.8/3
1.549 0.4/2

Sunday, March 27, 2016
7:00 PROGRAM Viewers
America’s Funniest Home Videos (r) 4.498 0.7/3
60 Minutes 6.839 0.8/3
Little Big Shots (r) 3.378 0.6/2
Grease Live (r) 1.258 0.4/2
7:30 PROGRAM Viewers
America’s Funniest Home Videos (r) 4.778 0.8/3
60 Minutes 7.611 0.9/4
Little Big Shots (r) 4.583 0.8/3
Grease Live (r) 1.265 0.4/2
8:00 PROGRAM Viewers
Once Upon a Time 3.594 1.0/4
Madam Secretary 8.482 1.0/3
Little Big Shots 9.806 1.8/6
Grease Live (r) 1.420 0.4/2
8:30 PROGRAM Viewers
Once Upon a Time 3.339 1.0/3
Madam Secretary 8.324 0.9/3
Little Big Shots 10.842 2.0/6
Grease Live (r) 1.504 0.4/1
9:00 PROGRAM Viewers
The Family 2.647 0.6/2
The Good Wife 7.671 0.9/3
The Carmichael Show 4.731 1.0/3
Grease Live (r) 1.827 0.5/1
9:30 PROGRAM Viewers
The Family 2.660 0.6/2
The Good Wife 7.320 0.9/3
Crowded 3.612 0.8/2
Grease Live (r) 2.020 0.5/2
10:00 PROGRAM Viewers
Quantico 3.345 0.9/3
Elementary 5.339 0.8/2
Hollywood Game Night 2.754 0.7/2
10:30 PROGRAM Viewers
Quantico 3.324 0.8/3
Elementary 5.126 0.8/3
Hollywood Game Night 2.766 0.7/2

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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  1. LBS even though slipping a lot from the week before was still on solid ground and should easily rise back up next week. I thought the comedies did an okay job considering how much LBS dropped this week in front of them as this was a good test week for them. Both comedies could’ve slipped way harder than they did.

    Carmichael is going to be renewed regardless of what it gets at this point and is unlikely to crash hard with LBS in front of it. This show is turning out to be great quality wise I think it’s now the best sitcom on all of television right now and it hits home a lot of realistic issues that are relatable to people, I think if more people can find the show they will really like it.

    Crowded also did okayish considering it held most of its audience from last week getting 3.75 million to 3.61 million this week and only slipping two-tenths from a 1.0 to an 0.8 and it again LBS was way down this week, so it looks like albeit a small audience that Crowded has already established an audience. It’s likely going to get cancelled unfortunately but it can still make a case to get renewed if it rises back to a 1.0 on any of given weeks coming up. I was honestly expecting an 0.6 this week if LBS slipped like I knew it would.

    Undateable actually is showing some life here as it’s right in line with Crowded and doing better than Telenovela on a lower-hut level night. I think Undateable’s renewal will depend a lot on Laura and the WB negotiations but it’s still well alive for right.

    • I do like Carmichael although occasionally it gets a bit preachy for me. I certainly hope that Undateable has some life in it!

      • It does go a little deep but that’s also what I like about it because it makes it different from other comedies on TV right now and they know how to balance out the funny well with the preachy stuff. I think if by some miracle Crowded makes it to a second season they should go this route since they already have a premise that fits with two struggling daughters, a retool would be good for the show like Last Man Standing did in season two.

        Undateable will be the one nervous renewal situation for me come May. If NBC renews I’ll be in shock but in a good way.

        • I like both Carmichael and Crowded. I had forgotten that LMS did a retooling. They lost one of the daughters, I think?
          I just don’t know if Undateable has an audience outside the one who followed it, like you and me, to Fridays.

          • Yeah LMS right after the first season lost or dropped the original daughter who played the character Kristin and just replaced her and made her more of a debater type. I liked the original Kristin better but the show was way better after the retooling giving it an Archie Bunker type feel.

            Yeah I’ll admit the Undateable audience is pretty small I wouldn’t be too surprised if its smaller than Crowded at this point as nobody followed it over to Fridays except me and you like you said. LOL! That’s also the reason why I think NBC can’t leave it on its own and I think it needed more time behind a big lead-in. It wasn’t ready to carry a night or a comedy on its own.

            • I liked the first couple of live shows but was kind of yearning for the old format by the end of the season. Live is fun due to the goofs and the ad libs but it also limits what can take place.

              • There’s a reason they stopped broadcasting most shows live… You put your finger on it. 🙂

                Will and Grace’s live shows were among its weakest and so was ER’s live show.

                I’m not saying you should never do it as it’s fun to do a one-off that’s different, especially if, as in ER, you can set it up smartly in the season, but t odo it all the time is just a gimmick.

    • The NBC comedies did horribly.

      Starting with over 50% loss of audience is terrible. Period. I realize NBC wants to be judged based on the “we could have lost more audience” scale, but we don’t have to agree… 😉

      Carmichael in particular is a huge disaster for NBC.

      It may still be renewed as Bob Greenblat sems to support it no matter what, but what a waste of a decent lead-in.

  2. Those numbers for Carmichael, Crowded and Hollywood Game Night must be the vaunted “NBC Comeback” in action…

    Speaking of which, the already weakened numbers for Little Big Shots must give Bob Greenblatt night terrors…

    I bet he wishes he hadn’t programmed the return of Carmichael as a lead-out. I bet he must wonder what possessed him to renew Carmichael…

    Or maybe not. Hollywood executives don’t seem to ever question their major errors.

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