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CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Could Move to The CW for Season Two

Talks are Underway for a More Cost Effective Version

CBS, apparently, is interested in a second season of “Supergirl.” But ratings in its inaugural season were not the powerhouse the network was hoping for (despite bringing younger viewers to CBS). And the estimated $3 million per-episode price tag CBS pays to broadcast “Supergirl” — one of the highest license fees ever for a freshman show — is not justified by the ratings. But talks, according to The Wrap, are underway between Warner Bros. and CBS for a more cost effective (translation: scaled-down) version on corporate cousin The CW next season, which is already home to “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow.” A move to The CW will also mean the ratings will not be under the same scrutiny.

CBS will unveil its programming plans for next fall at a presentation at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Wednesday, May 18.

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  1. Uggggh! I’m seeing the wrap article is making the rounds all over the place. I just hope Supergirl doesn’t move to Vancouver. I don’t see Calista moving up there and from the article in deadline, I don’t see Chyler moving there either. This will drastically change the dynamics of the show and NOT for the better! The mentor-mentee relationship between Cat and Kara and the Danvers sisterly bonds have helped foster my love for the show and to take it away will just ruin it and probably cause me not to tune in every Monday night to see it. 🙁

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