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CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Could Move to The CW for Season Two

Talks are Underway for a More Cost Effective Version

CBS, apparently, is interested in a second season of “Supergirl.” But ratings in its inaugural season were not the powerhouse the network was hoping for (despite bringing younger viewers to CBS). And the estimated $3 million per-episode price tag CBS pays to broadcast “Supergirl” — one of the highest license fees ever for a freshman show — is not justified by the ratings. But talks, according to The Wrap, are underway between Warner Bros. and CBS for a more cost effective (translation: scaled-down) version on corporate cousin The CW next season, which is already home to “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow.” A move to The CW will also mean the ratings will not be under the same scrutiny.

CBS will unveil its programming plans for next fall at a presentation at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Wednesday, May 18.