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Choosing the Right IP Address

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IP address denotes a private address (IPv4) built for private use. It becomes the private address because it comes on the range of IP addresses which are listed by www standard group.  

There are many router manufacturing companies and each company has their default address for their router. This IP address is also used as default address by D-link and Netgear companies. You can find the similar default IP address in other brands like and 

Default IP address is used to modify the settings of the router by entering in the address bar of the browser. After entering the address in the address bar, you are also required username and password to get access. Different brands or models have different username and password. Therefore, you have to identify it. When you get access to the admin console you can modify the SSID, password and default address easily.  

IP address  

IP addresses contain 32-bit numbers that are allocated to the devices having the potential to set up a connection with the network. The primary use of the IP address is for network addressing and identification. The internet assigned number authority (IANA) has categorized this IP address as private IP address. IANA has set a range of addresses that are managed for private use.  

Generally, these addresses are utilized for the local network. In the case where somebody tries to connect to the internet and apply this private address as an identifier and the device is networked then the person can’t connect. Also, if the device is connected to the outside network then it will not be connected to a networked device which utilizes a private IP address like  

IP address is a private address as we have described above. This address allows the network administrators or end users to set up a connection to the router for setting the internet connection. As well as you can manage network administrator and modify the settings of your router.