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Choosing WordPress for Blogging

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WordPress is a well-known content management system (CMS) used to build a website. It is popular due to its easy-to-use features and non–technical functioning. People with no knowledge of coding and technical skills can easily run WordPress. Therefore, it is recommended to use WordPress for blogging.

WordPress is still a commonly used CMS to build websites. What makes it still stand apart? This article shares all the important features of WordPress that makes it a perfect choice for building a blog website.

Let’s get started:

1. Attractive themes

WordPress has an ocean of themes and this makes it a good platform to start with. You can pick any theme of your choice. No other platform offers such quantity and quality of themes for your website. Moreover, free as well as premium versions are also available to make your website look stunning.

2. Useful Plugins

WordPress is still a good blogging platform because it supplies plugins for every task. It adds more and more useful plugins for better functionality of a blog. Fortunately, most plugins are free of cost so you can add extra functionality to your site easily.

3. Good SEO value

Search engine optimization is a trending aspect and people hire experts to rank the site at the top of the search engines. WordPress itself is a SEO friendly platform. It supports various SEO optimization plugins that are effective for site optimization. 

4. Make Money

Everyone wants to make money online. Website monetization is the objective everyone focuses on. WordPress makes it easy to add internal and external links in addition to implementing the AdSense code to make money from your site. While other CMS restrict third-party links and block AdSense. Therefore, WordPress is a reliable platform to make money through blogging.

5. Website security

Website security is the foremost thing that every site owner considers. WordPress is safe for blogging. Even if any site is attacked by a hacker, you can install security plugins such as wordfence which would immediately notify you. 

Starting a blog with WordPress

After reading all the above-mentioned aspects you can easily understand that WordPress is a trustworthy and reliable CMS for blogging. Moreover, Adblock recovery solutions in your WordPress site can help bloggers to earn money even from those users who are using the AdBlock extension. Acceptable Ads improve user experience, resulting in increased engagement and lower ad-blocking rates.

Once you decide to choose WordPress for blogging here are two major things required for starting your blog.

1. Domain

The domain is the website URL that is required to build a website online. People will use this domain to find and access your website. It is available easily online and at moderate cost annually.

2. WordPress hosting

Website hosting is required for your website to make it online. It stores all the information and data of the website. Choosing a reliable Web hosting in Pakistan is of utmost importance.

At the end of the day, every user wants to visit a fast loading site. A safe and fast hosting server will ensure that. So, instead of going for a cheap plan, opt for the best WordPress hosting in Pakistan and make your blog a success story!