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What Does a Commercial Cleaning Company in Dublin Cost?

If you’re considering hiring commercial cleaners in Dublin, you definitely have questions about the costs and what to anticipate. When evaluating the costs of commercial cleaning services, there are numerous factors to consider, including the size of your business overall, the number of cleans you need each week, and the typical cost each clean.

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The prices you might anticipate paying for commercial cleaning as well as the variables that influence pricing will be covered in this article. Let’s examine what constitutes commercial cleaning.

What Are Services for Commercial Cleaning?

The scope of commercial cleaning services might vary depending on the organisation. The following are a few of the most common commercial cleaning services:

  • Services for cleaning offices
  • commercial cleaning
  • cleaning of bars, restaurants, and other places of hospitality
  • medical cleaning
  • commercial window washing
  • commercial cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • Industrial-strength cleaning
  • Cleaning of a childcare facility
  • Both the landlord and the tenant are tidy
  • window cleaning
  • Specialized services including high-level cleaning and cleaning of the drains and bins

What to Budget for Professional Cleaning Services

You undoubtedly want to know how much the commercial cleaning business costs. These prices represent some average costs.

On an hourly basis, you may anticipate paying between €111 and €211 for a thorough clean (plus VAT). This often applies to companies with floor spaces smaller than 1,111 square feet.

Prices for routine office cleaning often start at €21 to €25 per hour. This does, however, depend on how big your workplace is. Depending on whether you want a deep clean or just a standard clean, the cost of an office cleaning firm might vary.

The typical price for washing industrial blinds or curtains is from €41 to €111 per item cleaned.

A tenancy clean typically costs between €111 and €411 for a big 4-bedroom residence. Cleaning of the carpet and the blinds is often additional.

Price Influences for Commercial Cleaning

Rates for commercial cleaning services vary depending on a number of criteria. The following factors should be considered when estimating the overall cost of commercial cleaning.

Your workplace’s size

Your company’s total size will have an influence on the price per square foot for commercial cleaning services. For instance, it will take a single worker around four hours to clean a 6,511-square-foot workplace. On the other side, a much smaller area will require fewer hours, translating into lower costs for commercial cleaning companies. Even if two commercial cleaners work faster, you will still have to pay for each of them.

The quantity of cleanings required

The cost of cleaning will vary depending on how often you clean your place of business. Although routine cleaning is better for your company, it also costs more. Think about the facilities your company has and whether regular cleaning might be beneficial. If you have cooking facilities, for instance, you’ll need to clean them frequently to fulfil health and safety regulations, especially if you’re serving food.

It’s crucial to set up a plan that suits your company. Carpets and floors will require more cleaning than surfaces that receive less activity. Consider the usage of your business. You can get advice from your cleaners on the ideal frequency for your company if necessary.

How many cleaners are required?

Depending on the kind of cleaning you need and the size of your company, the number of commercial cleaners needed may vary. You will require more workers if you have a large workspace, such as an industrial unit. In order to guarantee that surfaces are fully cleaned, a deep clean could also require extra cleaning personnel.

Do you require a regular cleaning schedule or just a one-time clean?

The kind of cleaning you want will affect the final price. In the long run, a one-time clean is less expensive than a regular cleaning schedule. However, if you’re scheduling a one-time clean, you must take into account how you will uphold cleaning standards when it is over. The amazing benefits that commercial cleaning delivers to your business will make a continual rolling cleaning contract more expensive. If you get into a long-term contract with a cleaning service, you could also be able to bargain for a lower fee.

Which kind of business

The amount you spend on commercial cleaning will ultimately depend on the kind of business you run. The good news is that most commercial cleaning organisations are capable of serving a wide range of industries. However, the type of your business will be influenced by your schedule and the times a professional cleaning can accommodate it.

Due to the fact that filth and grime may accumulate rapidly in this sort of setting, if you operate in the industrial sector and own a warehouse that is open during the week, you may discover that a weekend thorough clean is preferable for your company. If you manage an office, twice-weekly cleaning could be more effective for maintaining high-traffic areas like hallways and reception rooms in pristine condition.

You have how many windows?

It goes without saying that the more windows your business property has, especially if they are huge windows, the more cleaning will be necessary. However, if your place of business has a lot of glass, like a car dealership, it will also require thorough cleaning. Glass and windows can rapidly become streaky. Your windows will need the proper cleaning supplies and techniques because even the weather may make them seem exceedingly unclean. Additionally, shades and drapes need to be considered.

Characteristics of time

Naturally, the time it takes to complete a cleaning operation will vary depending on the specific conditions indicated above. Since most commercial cleaning businesses bill by the hour, larger surfaces or more items that need to be cleaned will cost more. You may get a good notion of the costs you can anticipate paying by asking a cleaning service for a quote or estimate in advance.


Like many other things in the nation, the location of your company might affect how much commercial cleaning will cost. The cost of a cleaning service in a big metropolis like Dublin will probably be more than that of a cleaning service in a small town outside the city. The increased expense of living in cities is the cause of this. To choose which quotation is best for your office, you can always compare those from different firms.

Company history

It’s always a good idea to consider corporate experience in addition to price. A firm with a lot of expertise could charge more than a startup. However, keep in mind that you’re not just paying for the whole amount of time it takes to clean a surface—you’re also paying for their knowledge.

While many businesses charge by the hour, a cleaning company with a good reputation and satisfied clients gives you more confidence that they’ll perform a wonderful job for your business. Hiring a less-experienced business could be more affordable, but you might not obtain work of a good calibre. Consider client feedback, the number of years the cleaner has had cleaning experience, and the kind of businesses they have previously cleaned for when comparing prices. You’ll be able to tell from this what kind of service to anticipate.

Why Work with a Commercial Cleaning Firm?

A business cleaning firm offers a plethora of advantages. Here are just a few explanations as to why you might want to think about hiring professional cleaners:

  • Commercial cleaners are well knowledgeable on how to utilise cleaning supplies, including which ones are COVID-safe.
  • having access to expensive cleaning equipment, like a carpet steamer,
  • As a result, you will have more time to concentrate on your business rather than cleaning tasks.
  • No need to recruit additional cleaning personnel.
  • keeps the workplace tidy and clean for the personnel.
  • increases productivity as a result of a tidy workplace.
  • Standards for health and safety can be met.
  • enhances the company’s reputation
  • Visitors and customers see a professional image of your company.


Commercial cleaners provide a wide range of advantageous services for any type of organisation. Commercial cleaning company costs are frequently fair and cost-effective, especially when you consider that they guarantee your business complies with health and safety requirements, whether you’re looking for routine cleaning or a thorough deep clean. Always compare costs depending on the size of your workplace and the amount of cleaning required when searching for a commercial cleaning company.

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