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ClearObject Encourages IBM ELM 7.0 for Innovative AI and Process Development

Engineers, analysts, testers and developers can use Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) from IBM to guide their projects with integrated tools. The platform helps with collaboration, organization, compliance, reporting and more. ELM offers a link between applications and enables users to add widgets for a more customized dashboard. The newest version of ELM has arrived and is making a shift towards autonomous innovation to support the development process. ClearObject is helping its clients integrate the newest version of ELM to enhance their project creation process with improved tools.

What is IBM ELM Version 7.0?

IBM Engineering launched IBM ELM Version 7.0 after a longer wait than anticipated. ELM 7.0 enhances and integrates your product development process by offering OLSC, SAFe 4.6, and Agile interoperability. ELM 7.0 helps you achieve compliance standards, like ASPICE for automotive, by using AI to augment your system requirements quality while improving user experience with the addition of built-in templates.

One big change in ELM 7.0 is the increased use of AI (artificial intelligence). The new version now augments system requirements to improve quality and enhance user experience. It gives insights to the developers and software engineers using it for modeling, testing, authoring and more.

With the fast-paced changes impacting the IoT (internet of things) and AI, it makes sense that IBM has to update their ELM frequently. The goal for IBM is to keep ELM on top of the curve and improved with every version. According to the IBM release post, Edwards explained IBM ELM 7.0 delivers:

…the ability to scale your engineering operations to handle more complex projects and improve delivery cycles. The enhanced functionality will make it easier for development teams to leverage the advanced capabilities of ELM, including requirements and test management, modeling, workflow, industry interfaces, and reporting. ELM 7.0 will improve the productivity, quality, and cost of product development to deliver competitive differentiation and adaptability to market dynamics.

Teams need an end-to-end system to manage their engineering lifecycle efficiently. This requires an in-depth organization of systems, teams, artifacts, users, requirements and more. Within each segment, many aspects of the tools need to be further broken down into groups and subsets. An overarching management tool for an engineering enterprise removes a lot of the complications and wasted back and forth that would otherwise be spent cross-platform between multi-tools.

ClearObject Offers Support for IBM ELM 7.0

ClearObject is ready to help its clients integrate the newest version of IBM ELM (Engineering Lifecycle Management) into their systems. Offering Managed Services for IBM ClearObject is an IBM Gold Business Partner.

Changes in the newest version of IBM ELM will have companies wondering if they should make the change. ClearObject will help their clients understand the differences in the update and requirements they might need to meet in order to take advantage of 7.0.

Through the IBM ELM Managed Services of ClearObject, clients will have access to expert help with the integration of 7.0 and beyond.

About ClearObject

ClearObject offers the end-to-end services that their clients need to meet their business objectives. They provide professional services for management, data collection, user experience (UX) testing, reporting, consulting and more. As an IoT Systems Innovator, ClearObject stays up to date on the most current software, programs and tools that clients might need to streamline or enhance their own processes.

Focused on the future, ClearObject delivers global embedded software development environments to large businesses and top-level professionals. Their design and data analytics products help companies utilize their resources for stronger growth. ClearObject notes, “Our objective is clear: help the world’s best companies build intelligence into their products and gain intelligence from them.”