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5 Basic Tips for Your Instagram Feed 

I am often asked how I can make my Instagram feed consistent. Most of the time, a lengthy explanation begins, but I can also summarize it in 5 general tips. Ultimately, having a nice Instagram feed is personal development and learning-by-doing is key to that. In the last few years I have learned a lot about my own style of painting and I believe that the “Blogger Basics” series can become a good basis for beginners. 

Tip 1: stay true to yourself!

Designer bag or not – these things don’t make a good Instagram feed. You can make an account look good, but that’s not the be-all and end-all. It should be about the feed reflecting you as a person. That’s why you should be recognized in it. This doesn’t work if only “typical” Instagram photos are shown. These photos are beautiful, clean and consistent; but are not everything. Ultimately, it’s about showing something unique. That makes your account special and that is what many Instagram followers want to see. This is how you can reach them and many more.

Tip 2: One color scheme

At first glance, this tip sounds very restrictive. Even so, this decision is a must for a successful Instagram feed. It’s also about getting potential cooperation partners interested in yourself. An Instagram account with a clear color scheme looks high quality and well considered. Instagram was once the app that showed snapshots. That has advantages, no question about it. In the meantime, however, that has changed and the trend is towards clearly managed accounts. Personally, I find such accounts much more inspiring and that’s why I like to follow this trend with my Instagram feed.

Tip 3: the right hashtags!

The hashtags are just as important as the picture itself: Sounds crazy, but is effective in the long run. Therefore, you should take the time to choose the right hashtags for the picture. Over time you get the feeling for it. Before doing this, you just have to research and watch how other Instagrammers do it. I think you can tell: You learn a lot by trying things out. Of course there is no guide on how it works in any case. Every account is different and so are the followers. That is exactly what makes it exciting.

Tip 4: watch your followers!

Another tip that sounds a bit strange. But the basic idea is so important. You need to know what your followers like. Therefore, observe how the reactions to your pictures are. If something goes down particularly well, hold on to it. You can tell by the number of likes and comments. Personally, I always watch how much time it takes for the picture to cross the 100 like limit. So I can assess how the picture will be received. In this case, the time also plays a major role, so you shouldn’t forget this factor. A plus tip is to check live Instagram statistics through IG Blade regularly.

Tip 5: network!

This tip has less to do with the look of your Instagram feed, but it is about the basic idea of ​​the app. It’s about getting in touch and interacting. This is not only important because of the Instagram algorithms, but also because it is just so fun. So be active! More and more often offline meetings take place and these meetings are always a huge source of inspiration. This is of course good for your feed. Plus, it’s just great to get to know the faces behind the feeds.

Every account is different and so are the followers. That is exactly what makes it exciting. You can read SocialBoost customer reviews when intended to purchase IG followers.