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CMT in Talks to Revive Sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’

The Viacom-Owned Cable Network Revived 'Nashville' This Season

Tim Allen sitcom “Last Man Standing,” which surprisingly was not picked up for a seventh season by ABC, now may be heading to CMT. The Viacom-owned cable network, which revived former ABC drama “Nashville” this past season, is in conversations with 20th Century Fox to keep the show in production.

ABC’s decision to discontinue “Last Man Standing” was criticized by right-wing media as an attempt to silence conservative voices in a post-Trump world. Fans started online petitions to save the show, amassing 150,000 signatures, and threatened to boycott ABC, and Allen himself tweeted that he was “stunned” and “blindsided” by ABC’s decision to pull the plug. Ratings for the comedy, based on Live + 7 day data, were solid at an average 8.1 million viewers.

Fox has initially expressed interest in adding the comedy to its line-up after the cancellation, but ultimately passed when it could not find room on the schedule for it.


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    • Yeah FOX got a lot of nerve passing on it like they got any comedies that people are watching.

  1. I’m happy that they might get something done with CMT instead of the show being dead forever but I’m super disappointed that the broadcasters acted like they were too good to pass on it as if they had comedies that people watch or could do better than LMS. CBS is the only one who could afford to pass on it outside of ABC. FOX and NBC were both in no position to pass on a rare free agent like this especially FOX who has shit comedies right now that nobody watches. They’ve been in a plus decade long slump of finding a hit live-action comedy since That’s 70s Show and you could even go with ‘Til Death if you wanted. This is why I don’t respect FOX as a network these days because they act like they’re too good for high-rated shit. For NBC they probably really didn’t have room on the schedule for it but it would’ve been a nice companion piece for Will & Grace.