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COD Warzone Hacks to Level Up Your Game Instantly

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There’s more to Warzone hacks than simply quick responses- Positioning, alertness, or even excellent decision making. These may all help you win a Call of Duty Warzone match by shifting the odds in your favor. 

These Warzone tips will not make you quicker, but they will help you stay alive and engage on more advantageous terms with your adversaries.

You’ll still have to work hard – there are no guarantees in Warzone – but these Warzone hints will help you make better judgments while battling and avoid many of the traps that your opponents will undoubtedly fall into. 

Bulk or brute force is the quickest way to level up; keep playing until you reach those levels. Most individuals do not have the time or patience to play consistently until everything is unlocked. This is especially aggravating when the material you’re unlocking is already available to several other players who have progressed quicker or completed a large portion of Modern Warfare. Here are a few things you can do-

Make getting your loadout a top priority. 

Initially, it’s possible to use floor weapons and equipment.  With experience, you’ll perform better with collected loadouts. An amount of at least $10,000 in the initial phases of the game itself will help you with that. Purchase a nearby and safe Buy station. 

You’ll have your personalized weapon, equipment, and perks, which will come in handy as the game progresses. Whether you’re playing solo or with a squad, getting the loadout should be your first goal. 

However, after you’ve gotten your loadout, don’t stop looting. 

Even once you’ve gotten your loadout and have $10K, we encourage that you keep looting for additional cash and stuff. Your main objective should be to obtain an armor satchel (which allows you to carry up to eight plates instead of five), ammo, and more money. 

It’s advisable to budget approximately $20K for the loadout, including a Self-Revive, a gas mask (if you haven’t previously discovered one), and a kill streak of some sort, such as a UAV or Precision Airstrike. Getting supplied will aid you in winning the game. 

Play to your strengths

Surviving in a war zone is difficult. A sniper can’t always make back-to-back headshots, and a single weapon clip can’t always wipe out an entire squad. It takes hours of practice to reach that stage, so focus on your strengths in the meanwhile. 

Some players are excellent with SMGs, while others prefer an aggressive style of play, and so on. Own your play style after you’ve figured it out. It’ll take a while to figure out, but the match flow will begin to favor you once you do. 

Shoot if you’re confident you’ll be able to kill or make the intended impact

Take shots strategically and not in a hurry as soon as an opponent is visible. Even if it works sometimes, eventually, you’ll realize that it has a grave disadvantage. It warns the opponent, allowing them to take cover, plate up, and prepare for retribution. Even the most experienced players make this rookie mistake.

Instead, wait till the opponent has less cover to hide behind and make sure no other teammates are nearby who will come in for assistance. Until you’re a seasoned player, we strongly encourage you to avoid taking shots unless you’re optimistic you’ll be able to pull off the kill. 

Being at the right place at the right time can help you succeed. 

While accuracy is crucial while shooting, choosing the ideal landing place is just as important. Supermarkets and hospitals are usually busy, but the fringes of the map are typically less inhabited. To land quicker, you can also utilize a trick. 

There are a lot of Contracts in certain places. Keep in mind that scavenger contracts are the most common, so keep that in mind while choosing a landing location. It’s a good idea to start by looking at the plane’s trajectory concerning the first circle. 


These methods essentially work by taking advantage of the bonus mechanism to get a much higher multiplier. While it’s practical, it’s more akin to an RPG mechanic than a viable approach for a modern Battle Royale. This pattern should allow you to gain all of the XP you require, including for certain weapons. Now try these and play on!