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Which Baby Cot Is The Best For Your Kids? Ways To Determine

Baby cots or cribs are specially designed for newborn babies or infants, often dressed in the comfort of a sleep sack, where they spend the first 24-months of their life. They are completely safe and provide the babies with a comfortable environment to have a peaceful sleeping experience. The baby cot is available in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. You can either place them in a separate room or your room as well. When you have decided to get a baby cot for the newest family member, then you must plan as it leaves time for the furniture delivery. You can also check out Caden Lane for more tips and ideas on how you can make your baby’s crib more comfortable.

Ways to determine the best baby cot

To get the best and high-quality cot for your child, you need to consider several things before you make the purchase. By doing so, you will end up with a baby cot that is ideal for your baby. Given below are some of the ways you can determine. Check it out!

  1. Safety: While purchasing a baby cot, you need to make sure whether or not it is certified under the safety standards of your nation. All you need to do is take a measuring tape and check to see if the cot meets the safety guidelines. Remember, the distance from the head of the mattress to the tip of the lower side should be 50cm. Also, the depth should be around 30cm when the mattress base is in the upper position. When the drop-side is down, then the depth should be 15cm. 
  2. Size: Make sure to check the dimensions of the fully assembled baby cot and how well it will fit in your room or the nursery. Whether it will be too heavy to lift or will it pass through the doorway or not are some of the things you must consider. Rather than the cot, you will also need a changing table or a seat for feeding your child, so you must purchase a cot after you choose the right size.
  3. Storage: Many cots come with a storage feature. Before you purchase the cot, check to see if it has any storage facility or not. Buying a baby cot with storage will enable you to store things such as baby towels, diapers, blankets, and numerous other things. A baby cot with storage is ideal for rooms that have limited space. 
  4. The Mattress: When choosing the mattress, you need to make sure that there is around a 4cm gap between the adjoining cot side and the edge of the mattress. The gaps on the sides lead to suffocation perils, which means your baby might roll face-first on it. Also, you need to pick a firm mattress as a saggy or soft mattress can also lead to suffocation hazards. You will come across many mattresses, so you need to compare and select the one that is right for your baby. 

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Final Words!

Baby cots are ideal for your child. They are comfortable and provide your child with the protection it needs. You will come across many baby cots such as standard cots, convertible cots, bassinets, and travel baby cots. Make sure to check the quality, price, and durability of the cot before the purchase.