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Colleges With the Best Soccer Teams

Going to college can be a life-changing decision. These four years are said to form the foundation of your adult life. Every student desires to be in one of the renowned universities across the globe. However, for some students, making this choice not only involves checking the college’s reputation but goes far beyond that. Students who are inclined toward sports seek a space that provides them with exceptional academic opportunities as well as an ambitious sporting environment. In fact, for a dedicated student-athlete, the decision to go to a college is mostly dependent on the college’s sports team – how active it is and what resources and opportunities they provide. 

Soccer is one of the sports preferred among students for quite a long time and has a massive fan base across all ages. Its popularity is not just limited to one country – soccer is loved by people worldwide, as nearly 250 million people passionately enjoy playing soccer. So, the hype about soccer among students is pretty understandable, and there is no doubt why most students are concerned with a college’s soccer team before applying there. Here we have found some colleges with the best soccer teams for both men and women to assist the budding player in you. 

1. Brigham Young University

Located in Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University has one of the best soccer teams in the world. It comes in the top 25 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) every year. Established in 1995, this women’s soccer team has made eighteen appearances in the NCAA Women’s soccer championship. Apart from getting into the quarter-finals twice, the university has produced many professional athletes. 

2. Duke University

You can easily find some of the best athletes at Duke University. Founded in 1838, Duke University is a private research university situated in Durham, North Carolina. The men’s soccer team of the university has bagged thousands of dollars in both inter and intra-school sports competitions. The team not only won big in these tournaments but also excelled academically in college, showing how to have a perfect balance between sports and academics. 

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3. Stanford University

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know about the prestige and reputation of Stanford. This American university, located in Stanford, California, boasts of a 1000 academic progress rate for its soccer team and a team revenue of more than $300k. Additionally, Stanford’s soccer team has won three consecutive national championships in men’s soccer. Stanford University tops the global university ranking charts every year, and also has a 98% retention rate of freshmen year students. That is, the college is preferred by almost 98% percent of students to continue their courses in the second and subsequent years. 

4. Georgetown University

This university situated in Washington, D.C., is widely popular for its social sciences programs but is equally known for its women’s soccer team. Here are some key points of Georgetown to consider:

  • Established in 1991, Georgetown University’s women’s soccer team has been leading ever since. 
  • The team has made its way to the quarter-finals both times it participated in NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships. 
  • The university has impressively produced several successful alumni.
  • One of the noteworthy alumni includes Ingrid Wells, who played for the U.S. U-23 women’s national soccer team and later become a reputed name with Sweden’s Göteborg FC. 

5. University of California

The University of California (UCLA) has soccer programs for both men and women. Their remarkable teams have won many titles in the past with active recruitment drives every year. The university has been well known for producing excellent students having the caliber to excel in every aspect, whether it is academics or otherwise. The University of California not only has advanced science and technology research labs for students but gives equal attention to the needs of student-athletes, providing all the necessary facilities to them. 

Final note

Choosing a college can be a daunting task for students. It is important to make an informed choice, as the years spent in college can shape the trajectory of your life. For healthy student life, a student needs to strike a perfect balance between studies and extracurricular activities. So, it is advisable that one not only chooses a college based on its reputation in terms of academic excellence but also on how well its sports teams do. Soccer is a very trendy sport these days among students. If you are a soccer enthusiast and looking for a college that has exceptional scope for aspiring soccer players, we have got you covered. The above list of colleges with the best soccer teams can help in this regard. 

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