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Educational TV Shows for Students

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Educational TV Shows for Students

The creation of television changed the way people entertain themselves. At the moment, audiences have access to entertainment via their mobile phones, computers, and other devices. In addition, a large portion of what you may watch is made entirely for fun. However, there are quite a few movies and shows made for both entertainment and education. In this article, you will learn about some fun yet educational TV shows for students. 

1. Brainchild

Being a Netflix show, Brainchild is based on a classic program. In particular, this show revolves around science and other related topics. It takes viewers on journeys across different subjects to answer various questions. For example, children get to learn about the universe, animals and other organisms, the brain, etc. The hosts present these topics in a fun and exciting way for students of different ages. Students who watch this show will improve their knowledge and academic standing.

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2. Planet Earth

As a student, if you want to understand the world better, Planet Earth is one of the best TV shows you can watch. Through the voice of David Attenborough, you will learn about forests, deserts, seas, oceans, and other natural habitats. Unlike other documentaries, Planet Earth allows you to explore our world through a clear and consistent narration in HD. This show often teaches students about their ability to exist in various locations.

3. Weird But True

Weird But True is the show to watch if you are interested in weird scientific facts and discoveries. Created by Disney, this unique show answers unusual questions that people ask, from human dimples and bee activity. All the questions are usually answered through science. Students that enjoy understanding the science behind various things will love this program.

4. Annedroids

Annedroids is a show about a brilliant girl. She uses her talent in computing, programming, and engineering to solve different problems. In addition, the main character Anne works with her friends, which offers viewers endless adventures. In general, Annedroids helps students appreciate science, its applications, and analytics as the show focuses on STEM. It also shows young girls can participate in science without fear. Likewise, students will learn about friendship, empathy, and cooperation from watching Annedroids.

5, Mythbusters

Hosted by Brian Louden and Jon Lung, Mythbusters is a science show that presents crazy and amazing experiments for children. As such, kids learn about various natural and scientific phenomena. In addition, this show debunks myths and assumptions regarding science and the world. At the moment, Mythbusters is no longer in production. However, you can watch all the episodes on a Science Channel.

6. Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories is a TV show made out of kids’ best-selling books. It presents human history to students in a fun and exciting way. In addition, this shows covers various points in history, including Ancient Greece and the Victorian era. To engage children, the show uses humor, action, and comic relief to present an educative and fascinating storyline.

7. Little Einsteins

This show is a Disney Jr program. It is designed to teach children the importance of teamwork, dedication, and creativity. As a result, all the characters in the show frequently go on incredible adventures, which can last for an episode or more. Between storylines, children learn about various things as the characters converse. The program is designed interactively. As such, kids learn through participation, making it exciting for children to gain new insights. Apart from the excitement, students get to learn about nature and various cultures. Also, there is an exciting theme song for children to sing along to.

8. Odd Squad

Odd Squad is a show that engages math skills. The agents, which are the main characters, use their knowledge to solve cases and mysteries. In each episode, you will enjoy exciting adventures around the globe where the agent uses arithmetic and other math skills to overcome obstacles. To watch Odd Squad, you can tune in to PBS Kids. 


As a student, there are various educational TV shows you can watch. Some programs focus on nature, wildlife, and the human experience. Others use science, technology, and math to deliver an adventurous viewing experience to the audience. Either way, any of these shows can easily engage and educate students.

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